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Is bruce Jenner the father of his 6 children?

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Beachslim7 6 Apr 19

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If he fertilized the eggs, he is the Father.


It doesn't matter what any of us think about it.
Not even a little bit.

Further, not only is it not my business, but I don't care.
What I don't understand is WHY anyone else would care.
It's got absolutely nothing to do with anyone.

Right on. 🙂


Bruce? Her name is Caitlyn. She WAS the father of her children. 🤣

As for what the appropriate term is now, why not ask the Jenner family?

Exactly. Thank you.

No matter how the Jenner family interpret it he will always be the father. Nothing can change that.


I don't understand it, as much as religion. The world is getting harder to understand. Yet, it is their right to do so.


This is none of my business. This is between Caitlyn Jenner and her family. No one gets to decide how she identifies.

Betty Level 8 Apr 19, 2022

It seems to be many people's curiousity when Caitlyn is all over the news pushing her agenda. In Canada, by law we have to address a person by the 30 different gender names, as we are supposed to know or can be serious punishment. This harms free speech.

@Castlepaloma When encountering a person they will introduce themselves. That is how they should be addressed. Memorizing 30 different gender names is not necessary unless there is interaction with all of them. It is not what most people will encounter.

@TheMiddleWay I agree. It's pretty much what we do already.


Very rare anyone is going to know these names and some professionals have lost their jobs over it. They are bringing in a few other nonsense laws that harm free speech.

@Castlepaloma Every time something new is implemented, there are growing pains. Eg. Men have lost jobs for sexual harassment in the workplace and creating a toxic environment. There is always an adjustment period before it becomes mainstream.

@TheMiddleWay I agree.

Jordan Petterson lost his teaching profession at the university of Toronto.

I respect they, he/she can be what ever they want to be. Just the persons must respect my freedom of speech also, or go somewhere else.

@Castlepaloma It will balance out, it just take time.

@Castlepaloma People will either adapt to change or fight it. There are benefits and or consequences to both.


It's no consequence to me of what ever a person dose to their own mind and body. Drill hole into their heads or cut off limbs of their bodies, if that makes them feel more hollier than thou. Just don't make national or international laws of whatever people must say or not say as free thought. Free speech is a more important as a learning tool than whatever people may delusion themselves with this political correctness woke societies.

@Castlepaloma It is what it is.

@TheMiddleWay Thank you for the support. 🙂


Petterson went out of his way to keep free speech free. Not ever in recent history certain speech has been enforced to use against peoples will. Or one is heavily fine or can loose their job over, To forced against your will to say something, that one may think is not correct or not good enough anwer. If free speech dies, it turns into constant fear mongering or totalterrisim .

@Castlepaloma You have expressed your opinion and we have done the same. That is free speech. When rules and laws are broken there are consequences. A choice was made and a consequence was enforced.

@TheMiddleWay Well said. 🙂


I've been in the media 1000s of times, often they get my name wrong. Good thing I'm not sue happy. Peterson would get his students names right better than the press would get my name right. As far as gender choices, that is their own private business. Not even a top pychocist can figure out what goes on behind their eye balls and often enough, these youths don't know what they are themselves.

Respect and honesty comes in degrees, if a name is that important to you. I would adjust to your correct given name. Yet to guess what gender you wish to be, other than what you were born as. Is a fantasy confused, I don't want to encage in, and certainly don't want to be punished worst than the crime for.

Hitler enforce his laws, question is? were they fair justice?

@Castlepaloma The key word in your comment is "adjust". Once you are made aware then it becomes a choice that you would be responsible for. The punishment is not for the unknown, it is for willfully disregarding the mandate.
As for unfair laws...In a democratic system there are methods of altering/changing them. Eg. The Suffragettes were instrumental in changing the voting laws.


Prohibition and mandates have had a horrible results in recent human history. I don't vote because government and bankers are the worst scammers in recent human history. My world priority is healthy food , freedom and affordable housing in that order. I'm not against anything, as long as it doesn't harm. Although not for somethings. I'm not for mandating to comply to Covid science lies or bylaws of confused sexual private realationship. If people want to be sheep and follow everything they are programed, go for it. I do agree to make same sex legal, where there is 80 countries where it is illegal. One step at a time. I remember. when same sex was illegal as a young man in Canada.

@Castlepaloma I stand by my original comment. This has escalated beyond the original post and could go on forever.


I think that "she is the father of her children" would be more correct, as she actually fathered the children biologically.

@Beachslim7 She's a woman now.

@Beachslim7 Exactly my point. When she was a man, she fathered a child because she was a man, formerly. Now she has changed her gender, and will father no more.

@Beachslim7 Technically she did father her children when she was a man, if you understand the technical aspects of such things. 🙂

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