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Just heard from Evangelidiots lady "friend" ( more like imo his bed-partner when requested rather than wanted and loved) that he is now in hospital AGAIN AFTER his drinking binge the other evening and falling in to a drunken sleep in his front yard and getting saturated by the recent rain.
According to the Doctors he has a moderate case of Bronchitis, some after effects of slight Hypothermia, a severe rash caused by either large black Meat ants or an infestation of human body lice, tests are underway to determine exactly what the cause is and what needs to be done at his place of residence to remedy/prevent it from happening again.
It may well sound as uncaring and ironic as it seems, and it is MEANT to be btw, BUT my sympathies go out to what ever it was that infested him, be they our native big Black Ants or those poor, unfortunate body lice.
Either way I spent most of last evening disinfecting and spraying both the interior and exterior of my house and property as a preventative measure since it was NOT that long ago, approx. 2 years, that his house was sealed off and he was forced, LEGALLY to go in to Medical Isolation and be treated for an Infestation of Beg Bugs brought in by, and left as a PART (???) by his fellow Evangelist and very creepy child watching friend from Lithgow, N.S.W.
The same friend, so Liz informed me, who is now serving a prison sentence of 5 years and 8 months BEFORE becoming eligible for POSSIBLE Parole for molesting a with Downs Syndrome in the Toilets at the local Park and Children's Playground in a nearby suburb of Lithgow.
Such nice and Law Abiding friends, etc, from over in the east of the State does Evangelidiot have imo.
It is an EVEN money bet that once word gets out and around town here re-this Child Molesting friend of Evangelidiot the watch will be tightened on the Buses and Train Station to keep eyes open just in case that piece of filth EVER tries to come here for a visit EVER again.
And NO, definitely NO, I have NO intentions what-so-ever of even considering visiting Evangelidiot during his stay in hospital, though I am sorely tempted to his an anonymous " Do Not Get Well Too Quickly Card" with the words, "Please remain there, we do not miss you in the least," typed on to it.

Triphid 9 Apr 19

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It is a common aphorism that the Devil Looks After His Own,
If that is true it would seem your adjacent servant of the Lord follows a God who could not give a monkey's toss about him, I wonder why he still choses to worship such an arsehole?
My guess, a large case of idleness (no pun intended) topped up with an unhealthy dollop of abject fear.

Possibly so, but I tend to think that Evangeloon's dependency upon his imaginary Sky Daddy and Saviour Son is mainly because, unlike those people like ourselves, he lacks both the intestinal fortitude and the Gonads to be a person, stand tall and alone and accept in life there are ALWAYS good things and bad things that happen and the best anyone can do is to accept that that is how life and the Universe is and that all the praying, wishing and hoping can do sweet Fuck All to change it.


He doesn't exactly live by the values of his religion does he. You are living a real life situation comedy. What has he not done yet? I will await the next installment of the Journey of an Evangelidiot. 😂😂

Betty Level 8 Apr 19, 2022

Oh how I so wish all of this was merely a Sitcom and not the REAL thing.

@Triphid I bet there are times you shake your head and wish he would just disappear.

@Betty At least 10 times per day.

@Triphid Some day. 🙂

@Betty A terrible thought crossed my mind, I SHOULD be ashamed to even think it BUT when it Comes that Dip-shit, I hope it can be forgive or permitted at least.
I just occurred to me that it would be a truly great thing for entire neighbourhood were he to suddenly learn that his beloved and adored Jesus was planning his return to be amongst we Mortals some time soon and had selected a deserted oral Atoll somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Imagine the econimic BOON that would cause for ALL Airlines and Ocean Cruise
operators, etc, if word actually leaked on in a manner that would quite believable to the Faithfools and the like.
And the Peace, the Quiet and the Wonderous Bliss we who remain where we are would be enjoying.

@Triphid I like the way you think. If only dreams came true. 🙂


Yes, protect yourself at all cost.

How is it he hasn't dropped dead of covid?

Well, you know the old saying "Shit sticks," and "Once they've gained a hold pests are darned near impossible to rid of".


Do him a favour: inject him with a very large dose of common sense (but you will first need to find some common sense being sold at a reasonable price).

Open to suggestions as to where I can source such an oft times rare commodity from.


It's probably best to have something sprayed around the perimeter of your house outside. My sympathies!

Already in hand, have the same gear, only much stronger, that is used by the Professionals from the Department of Public Health, they " donate" to me a supply, enough in a full and sealed 44 Gallon drum the concentrated pesticide, disinfectant that they used the last time he had such an infestation which was immediately after his now CONVICTED and Gaoled Child Molesting friend left them here to remind the Evangelidiot of his "visit."
The chemical they gave me has to mixed at a ratio of 50 mls to 1 litre of water and can be sprayed by using a garden spray pump.
It is effective for a maximum of 6 months both when used inside the home and outside as well, can re-activate after 6 months if there is a reasonable shower of rain but advisable to "enhance" the protection even after rain by adding an extra spraying.
It has a rather nice scent as well, kind of like fresh cut violets mixed with mint.
Maybe whilst he is out of the scene in hospital and for the protection and safety of myself and the neighbours I can do a " commando style" sortie in to his yard, NO gates, etc, to open or stop anyone btw, and give it a quick spray as a kind of preventative measure, not for him but for everyone else's sake.

I hope it's safe!

@Organist1 Guranteed 100% safe for usage around humans, children and animals BUT it says NOTHING, LOL, about it being safe for usage around Evangelidiots....LOL.
So, IF I spray it around the perimeter of his property it may well be an Experimental Test Case....LOL.

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