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For F**k's sake the old saying of " Speak of the Devil, etc, etc," has a new twist to it imo.
Was just replying, etc, to comments regarding the house of Evangelfool and he rings me.
I answer the phone and all I hear is " Has it been raining there, I remember I left 3 windows on the house open, has any rain got in to my house, has there been any water in my yard, the windows on my car are open as well because I left it locked behind the big steel gates, I thought that they'd break if it got hot so I left them open as well, any word about the dog from the R.S.P.C.A. how much will it cost me to get her back, have you been keeping an eye on my solar panels, someone might try to steel them or steal the power that they are making, can't come back home as yet, the car we are traveling in has blown its motor so we are stuck here unless you can us a couple of grand for a second-hand motor."
Then the line went dead, so to speak, so I'm assuming that he forgot to recharge his cell phone, oh well, I'm heading out soon to go get groceries, etc, and have switched my home phone over from the normal line to the Crisis line so IF he tries to call again he will just get a busy tone.
Such is like.

Triphid 9 Apr 26

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Entitled much. The nerve of the man. He seems to think you're his personal servant?

Betty Level 8 Apr 26, 2022

And by NO means kidding either.

@Triphid Maybe you'll get lucky and his house will get condemned.



Methinks I may well get to have the last laugh because as I was heading out to catch the bus this morning his neighbour on the other side of his hou8se from me mentioned in passing that she had noticed that there was water trickling out from under front doors of his beloved vehicle so she took a sly peek over the fence and the water level in his vehicle at approx. 7.30 am this morning was about 2 inches below the bottom of the drivers side window, WET wires looks very much like being yet another problem rising up his horizon IF he returns home in the next 24 hrs and a damaged electrical system being an even bigger problem IF he stays away a bit longer and enjoys his beach scabbing excursion.

@Triphid Does his insurance cover stupidity? lol


He needs to lose your number.

I think I'd change it and not give him the new number.

@Larimar Change it, & be unlisted.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I would, happily, but it needs to remain the same due to the "extra" service that is attached to the number, the Counselling Service number which somehow goes through it but is separate from it.

@Larimar Just rang my service provider, they can " put a block on my phone number that will immediately stop his mobile from being able to ring through to mine."
That will be activated as soon I give the say so to them.

@Triphid Sounds like a plan.

@Triphid Are you going to do it?

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