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Well then, since the weather here is changing towards the colder winter times and a nice warm fire burning away of an evening is a very welcome thing, just ordered in a half a ton of cut and ready to use firewood since my days of going out and getting it are over for the foreseeable future.
Brought some from the same supplier last winter due to reason beyond the control of anyone and it was absolutely perfect, well and truly dead and dried out completely, cut in ti almost the perfect sizes for my approx. 65 years old almost antique but still working wonderfully wood-burner, a Wunderheat brand closed wood/coal burning fire-place.
Sadly, can't get coal anymore like I could as a kid when the neighbourhood kids and I would collect the coal that had fallen from the Steam Locomotives and sell to households for equivalent, in Pounds,Shillings and Pence in those days long gone, of 5 cents for an approximately weighing, 6 pounds hessian sack, but good aged and well dried out dead gum wood burns hot and last a long time any way.
So when the load arrives tomorrow, it will be split, stacked and stored until the REAL cold winter weather hits by which time, thanks to quitting smoking, I will have saved uo enough to buy in another half a ton to supplement the first load.

Triphid 9 Apr 27

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Alway good to be prepared. How cold does your winter get?

Betty Level 8 Apr 28, 2022

Sometimes the night-time temps get to around -3 to -5 degrees, day-times aren't to bad but the owner and the joints are not quite as young as they once were so we kind of feel the cold more these days.

@Triphid I could easily live with -3 to -5 but our winters get quite a bit colder around here. I never was a winter girl and as I am not as young anymore the winters really get to me. I can't fault a nice warm fire in front of a fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and a blanket as being cozy.

@Betty when my little fire is going the loungeroom gets so warm at times that I actually sit in there wearing ONLY a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

@Triphid Since your winter sounds more like my spring, a pair of shorts and t-shirt sounds just about right. 🙂

@Betty That IS only in the loungeroom WITH the fire burning of course.

@Triphid Meaning in the other rooms you need a parka?

@Betty No not really since it does warm my bedroom and the hallway as well though out side of the house is a very different story of course.

@Triphid Do you get any snow during the winter?

@Betty No, just the odd and occasional heavy frosts.

@Triphid Just enough to justify a warm fire and a cuddle on the couch. 😉

@Betty All I need is someone to cuddle up with.

@Triphid Don't we all. 🙂


Sounds good. I take it the recovery is going well.

You could say that, yesterday I decided to spend a while racking up the leaf litter along the outside of my front fence, then I thought to myself, "Well dummy, why not trim back all the plants that are either growing through or over the fence as well?"
So I did, but took a couple rest breaks every so often, one in particular came when the neighbour on the other side from Evangelfools house went past and as he braked to turn into his driveway I noticed that his left hand side brake light was not working, so I walked up to his house, caught up with him and we had a wee chat session for a while and I made friends with his dog as well.

@Triphid Good to hear. Always good to have a dog friend too.

@Triphid Good neighbours help each other out and it doesn't hurt to make friends with their pets. Glad to hear you're taking it easy and pacing yourself. 🙂

@Betty Yes, so far have built a new garden bed, cleaned up around the front fence, sprayed the weeds and cooch grass and later today, after the firewood is delivered I'll be grabbing my trust seat, wedges, axe and hammer to split the logs in to the sizes I want for my fireplace which will be carted in to the back veranda, stacked and be ready for use.

@Triphid Wow. You have been busy. You're going to be snug as a bug come winter. 🙂

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