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Who's worried about retirement expenses?

$183 per month rent for a seaside cottage in Thailand. Get healthy living, tropical weather, great food, a maid to cook and clean and travel to nearly countries 3 times a year... under $1,200 to $1,500 per month. Anybody can afford on social security alone.

St-Sinner 9 May 1

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Viet Nam is cheaper, plus you may visit their excellent museums where they will proudly tell you how they won the war, which they did. But you will need to accept you are living in a communist country (shock horror)
Thailand has had uncontrolled development in tourist areas eg they killed the goose, plus they make visa's very hard..

puff Level 7 May 1, 2022

Thank you.


Horrible heat & humidity! No thanks!

That is true but you can go without clothes all over the beaches.


Costa Rica or Panama is closer to home where medical care might be a concern. And they are a democracy, mostly where as Thailand is a military government after the coup. Retirement costs? Plan early & invest more than one already is. Diversify with dividend paying stocks, emerging markets,, Savings bonds, Certificate of Deposits as performance dictates at the time. Be consistent & have a plan that is flexible as times change. SSI was never meant as a retirement plan. It was only intended for food, that Americans didn't starve during the Depression & beyond. We are responsible for our retirement. Not the government.

So why bother paying taxes?

@Wangobango3 Because if you don't pay your taxes the IRS will pursue you ala Posse Comitatus....unless you are a mega corporation of which 55 did not have to pay taxes.....LEGALLY.


Millions of small guys cheat on taxes every year and it adds up to millions. Small guys are no saints.

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