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Did any of you play with Jarts as a kid? Do you feel lucky to be here?
I wonder how I am still here.

MustardSeed 7 Apr 25

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When I was in the Air Force a fellow I worked with had a daughter that lost an eye due to jarts. I personally have never been injured playing with them.


??? she got pegged in the head with a lawn dart....
Her dad didn't see her
That's the worst part
Pegged in the head with a lawn dart
Now they're off the shelves at the K Mart..
(Eds Redeeming Qualities/ lawn dart)


Maybe. Why do you ask?

0! it is amazing after all the bicycle stunts, trees climbed, etc. never a pad or helmet in sight.


Really? Or are you kidding? Wikipedia says they are banned in the US. Surely any 'well regulated militia' should be able to put down their guns and enjoy a relaxing game of Karts 😉

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