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They murdered an American citizen. A journalist. And then they attack mourners at her funeral. They attack the pall bearers of her coffin. 😡

And not ONE peep out of this White House.



SeaGreenEyez 9 May 13

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if you want to know who has power over you, it's simple: those that you can't criticize.


How have they forgotten the life many had in nazi Germany? The abused has become the abuser.

...and the Oppressed, the Oppressor!


Israel has a powerful lobby

bobwjr Level 10 May 14, 2022

Is that why those on the right are always crying thing about the poor Israelis?


Where do you think Amurikkkan cops learned their crowed "control" tactics?..



My bad. ONE peep on one rightwing network. I'll give you that! I'm grateful someone bothered. 👍


Of course Christian believers are silent about this. Without Israel we have no Jesus. My personal belief is that she was murdered by bigoted cowards.


That's what happens when you have theist rather than secular states; Judaism, another religion of peace. .
Israel utilises terrorism the most out of any nation state, against people within it's own borders, people within Syria where they lob missiles at will and Iranian intellectuals which seem to be assassinated quite often. I still haven't forgiven the bastards for utilising a fake/ forged Australian passport to carry out an assassination in a third country a few years back.
What better example of terrorising a population than Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

puff Level 7 May 14, 2022

IsREAL Terrorists

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