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The Lahaina Noon phenomenon begins today May 14th, 2022 at the southernmost point in the State of Hawaii on the Big Island, and gradually makes its way up the Hawaiian Island chain for the rest of this month and then back down again in July.

Lahaina Noon is when the sun is directly overhead at a 90 degree angle to the earth’s surface creating no shadow any direction except straight down. So a person may not be able to find much shade, but could stand under a parasol and be totally under its shadow for that minute.

The word Lahaina translates from the Hawaiian language “Lā Hainā” meaning cruel sun.

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. to experience this particular remarkable natural occurrence.

Only places located between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn experience this effect when there is overhead sun both before and following the summer solstice.

Does anyone else on this site live in a place that has the sun directly overhead on particular days? If so, what do you call it?

If anyone is planning a trip to Hawaii during the rest of May or part of July, you might be able to experience this yourself! Here are the dates and times for the major towns.

☼ South Point May 14, 12:19PM and July 27, 12:29PM
☼ Kailua-Kona Hawaii May 17, 12:20PM and July 24, 12:31PM
☼ Hilo Hawaii May 18, 12:17PM and July 24, 12:27PM
☼ Hana Maui May 23, 12:21PM and July 19, 12:30PM
☼ Kahului Maui May 24, 12:23PM and July 18, 12:32PM
☼ Lahaina Maui May 24, 12:24PM and July 18, 12:33PM
☼ Lanai City Lanai May 24, 12:25PM and July 18, 12:34PM
☼ Kaunakakai Molokai May 25, 12:25PM and July 17, 12:34PM
☼ Honolulu Oahu May 26, 12:29PM and July 16, 12:38PM
☼ Haleiwa Oahu May 28, 12:30PM and July 14, 12:38PM
☼ Lihue Kauai May 30, 12:35PM and July 11, 12:43PM

Julie808 8 May 14

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Working in North East Scotland I notice that around now we in Learning Disability health care see a greater number of behavioural incidents with about another month before the sun reaches its high point here.


No the sun is never directly overhead here in the UK. But you may be amused by the story of how Erastosthenes discovered the size of the earth using just that fact. Its a well known story, so forgive me if you have heard it before.

Yes, I have heard of that story, but not in such detail. I'm glad people smarter in math than me have done all these calculations, so we can just enjoy and use the knowledge gained from it. I'm lazy with math, but I sure use the apps on my phone that list the sunrise, sunset, low tides, moon rise and set, etc., so I can choose best times for my weddings along with these special occurrences.



bobwjr Level 10 May 14, 2022
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