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A victory in my neck of the woods.

"Breaking! FFRF wins lawsuit against praying W.Va. city council that ‘wrapped itself in a single faith’"


Worth noting: Councilman Eric Barber, mentioned in the story as being "openly hostile to nonparticipants" was a January 6 insurrectionist. He reported he was never in the Capitol until photographic evidence proved that was a lie.

MaryChristmas 7 May 19

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WONDERFUL news! Please...send a few dollars to FFRF!

Or--send more than a ''few.''

Just saying!

@MaryChristmas When Kate and I got married, we spent $15.00 to stand in front of a judge with her parents and a few friends. We had both been married before and knew that it was needed for the legal documents. We then went with her parents to lunch and then home to consummate.

@MaryChristmas Well...CONGRATULATIONS!

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