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I've tried several times to change my email address. The site tells me (each time) that it is sending me an activation link but it doesn't arrive, wither to the new email address or the old one.

Carbine 6 May 23

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Hey - you look familiar! Might you have had another account here ( or two ) in the past? 🙂

skado Level 9 May 23, 2022

Gee, there's no keeping any secrets from you, is there? Nice to see you again and thanks for the helpful message

Peter's the name, by the way.

Nice to see you back, Peter. I was just thinking about you last week - wondering what you were up to.

  • Owen.

Those are automated messages. There is no one driving this train. The site has been abandoned. You don't need the link. Just proceed on. If you want an account with another email, just open another account.
Welcome to AgnosticDotCom.

skado Level 9 May 23, 2022

Oh, yes there is, skado. Several months ago someone complained about me flaming them to someone they knew was still providing moderation to the site. They got me suspended for three days from commenting or posting, so, at least for some people who know the right person, there is some driving of the train still going on..

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