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On May 17, also known as International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB), Western University in Canada faced outrage from its local Muslim community when it posted a graphic featuring two women in hijab in the pretext of an intimate relationship...
Wrote one person in the comment section, “Shame on you Western for such an insulting mockery post to my religion.”...
Opiyo Oloya, a diversity and equity specialist for the university, commented...
"In order to promote that discussion, we have removed the image from the post"
... it seems Western University's promotion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia resulted in submitting to Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.

Atheist republic

This is what happens when woke wankery come up against woke wankery and a decision has to be be made as to who to support, and in the end a fanatical subsection of gay people don't publicly murder those who offend them.

LenHazell53 9 June 6

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I haven't read the Koran. Does it even forbid intimate relations between women? I can almost guarantee it does not, because it considers women little more than property of their fathers/husbands.


One of the biggest things I like about not being in church anymore is that I can respect the fact that people are different and I can not give a shit what other people do. If someone wants to be gay, trans or other it’s none of my damn business and I like it that way. It’s more liberating to just let people be who they are without judging them


There are LGBT+ Muslim organizations. Also, I don't believe Muslims are not the only religion where women cover their faces with a hijab like covering.

A large part of the problem(s) in religion is the refusal to accept actual realities, and to get offended when reality conflicts with how they (falsely) believe reality to be.

The larger problem is willingness to obediently follow lunatics telling them to hand over more money. It's of no surprise, to me, that they buy falsehoods. They are all in for that.

Head coverings Yes. Russian and Greek Orthodox wear scarves. Some Jewish Orthodox women buzz cut their hair and wear those hideous wigs. The Amish women wear those little caps on the back of their head.
I cannot bring to mind any other major religion that commands a woman to cover her face, though.
But a hijab also doesn't cover the face. A niqab or burka does.
I still think it was unnecessary provocation and they probably dressed the women this way to provoke the response.
It would have been the same if they were kissing a man.

@rainmanjr Also head coverings are more cultural dogma than actual scriptural doctrine.


I think they would have given up the hijab long before expanding their freedom to sexual expression.
Would they depict two nuns in traditional habits this way?
Does seem to be provocative, exploitive and poking a sleeping bear just a smidge.

Are you saying someone cannot be religious and homosexual? Because I know plenty of ecumenical gay people.
AS for homosexual nuns and monks it is a cliché dating back to the middle ages
The whole point of IDAHOTB is about encouraging freedom and inclusion, surely giving in to bigots is and was the height of fear based hypocrisy.

@LenHazell53 It was just deliberately poking the sleeping bear.
This is an Atheist board. Religion is mind imprisonment.
People need to escape that as well as societal enforced views of accepted sexual expression.

Agreed. There is not a massive outpouring of lesbian hibab-wearing Muslims demanding more representation.
Hence putting them front and center cannot be about shining a light on an underserved population who wants more light.
This was clearly a troll move on their part and they got called out on it.

@TheMiddleWay Are you serious?
You might as well say there was not a massive outpouring of Hasidic Jews in Poland and the Ukraine in 1919 demanding that there not be a program against them Hence putting them front and centre could not be about shining a light on an underserved population who wants more light.

You are an idiot

Touchy touchy. Someone here doesn't like to be disagreed with. 😂😂

There were roughly 3.5 million Jews in Poland prior to the German invasion.

There are a total of 1 million lgbtq people canada. About 4% are Muslim in Canada so that means roughly 40,000 Muslim lgbtq. Half of those are women and thus represent our lesbian Muslim population and about 40% of Muslim women wear hibabs.

Total: 8000 hibab wearing Muslim women in all off Canada

Totally not idiotic to compare the deaths of 3.5 million Jews with a media kerfuffle at a no-name Canadian University involving 8,000 people. 🙄

Totally idiotic to have an organization not want 0.8% of their constituents misrepresent them. 😏

@TheMiddleWay Exactly this. Religions are often oppression in and of themselves. Especially the Big 3.

While there is intolerance in both religion and sexuality, their Venn diagram intersection in this case is vanishingly small, as I demonstrated above.

It's textbook strawmanning, whether intentional or not: arguing against religious AND gender intolerance is way easier than simply arguing against gender intolerance alone.

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