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Shooting school children is so American, IMO.

When were the first laws to protect domestic animals? The 1870s.

When were the first laws to protect children? The 1970s

Source: Web searches.

yvilletom 8 June 6

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I'm pretty sure murdering children was illegal before the 70s.


Your first line is a fact not an opinion.

A second fact is that education is failing major sections of society throughout the world and those children with twisted minds try to take it out on the schools in a perverse way of telling the schools that they got it wrong.

AMERICA sticks out in the shootings stakes and it must change laws in radical ways until this is solved . Gun protection was for a time long long ago NOT for this age, even though more people will die trying to change things, change is essential


But the gun loving Republicans want as many children to be born as possible.


My thought of a comment is unacceptable, even to myself.

Maybe just handing out paper targets of children would suffice

@ChurchLess I am glad the site was here for you to say that. A lot of people just give up.

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