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Oh how I do so enjoy that heady aroma from a fire burning Pine and Eucalyptus (Red Gum) on a day when the mercury is truly struggling to rise above 6 degrees Celsius.
Spent about 3 hours this morning splitting, carting and stacking fresh supplies of Red Gum both inside next to the fireplace and to my stockpile out on my back porch, it was cold enough to turn adult male monkeys in to Eunuchs and well endowed females into modern versions of Twiggy.
So upon finishing splitting, carting and stacking plus seeing my poor little Budgie, Cloud, all fluffed up and looking cold I decided to get the fire going a wee bit earlier than planned.
Now a mere 90+ minutes have gone by, I just checked the temp via the thermometer in the lounge-room and it has risen from 12 degrees Celsius to a nice comfortable 19.6 degrees Celsius and still climbing steadily,how sorry I feel for all those poor birds and animals out in the cold, as of course I also do for my fellow humans who, through NO fault of their own are unfortunately in the same position, with exception, of course, for one particular who shall remain anonymous but is know to ever so many on this site.

Triphid 9 June 8

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I have to smile. You're so content in you warm home, knowing full well that the one who should not be named is most likely shivering in his, way to cold home. I can almost imagine a most satisfying smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes as you snuggle oh so comfortably on your couch in front of the fire. 😏

Betty Level 8 June 8, 2022

And Mr. Anonymous brought it all on himself.

He most surely did.

Perhaps, IF I were actually talking to him, I should gently remind him of a saying from his bible, " What thou soweth, so shalt thou also reap."


Nothing like a warm inviting fireside in cold weather. 🙂

I feels so good. 🙂

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