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I want to know how you lefties explain this one


Feminist facing 3 years in prison for saying men can't be lesbians

Lets say he was born as a man but identifies as a female lesbian. Since he is a woman, why isnt this statement factually correct????

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Beachslim7 6 June 13

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I didn't read the article, and I didn't vote in the poll, but seems to me that how a person describes their gender and sexual preferences is up to that person. I have a friend who was born male, lives as a female after changing her name, wears feminine clothes and is far more skilled with makeup than me. In conversations I've had with her, she stresses that she is not gay, she is attracted to women, and she's got the male parts, so it all works out for her. My thoughts are that each person knows their sexual preference and what sexual organs they have or don't have, better than you or I...


Seems to me this doesn't rise to the level of "hate" rather simply a disagreement. Leaving the gender/sex issue out of it how does this rise to the level of hate speech? I'm sure somewhere in this Norwegian law "hate speech" must be specifically and legally defined. Sounds to me like a bunch of idiots arguing over something totally ridiculous. I abstain from voting.


Seems if he’s a man and likes women he would be a normal heterosexual male.

@TheMiddleWay Seems like that would be one hell of a mixed up individual.

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