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Sexually attracted to someone's voice?

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Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone's voice?

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St-Sinner 9 June 16

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Yes, the accent in English of Bantu-language speakers in southern Africa.


The lilting, Irish sing song accent gets me every time.

puff Level 8 June 16, 2022

My wife's voice was something I noticed early. I've heard compliments about my voice too, from my wife. One of my girlfriends called me the pussy whisperer. I was talking to my counselor about this topic once and she said,"Well, your voice is very soothing" Mavis Staples and Debbie Iyall are pretty hot.

That is very cool.

Voice is one that most people don't recognize as an asset and the most overlook it all their lives. Many of us have great attributes that we are not aware of and not often people would tell us about them. That is the sad part. The person who recognizes the good attribute and capitalizes on it is a winner.

A Colleague at Work with a Great Voice. There was a colleague many years ago in Texas who loved to come by me and go around every morning an talk passionately about the liberal news. This happened every morning. Many others learned to pretend to hear it day after day. I noticed his passion, his voice, continuity of speech and pitch. He was just good to hear although I couldn't agree with anything he said. He worked as a project manager - the world of deadlines, planning, papers and reports - quite boring I thought for his personality. So I invited him to lunch at work one day and asked him he ever considered being a radio talk show host, possibly on a Christian or conservative radio? I showed him how late night spots were available he could take and ramp up quickly to growing listenerships. I really thought he would enjoy it and grow in it successfully. He could give a voice back to movies, voice overs, dubbing and do so many things with his voice. But in his mind a career as a project manager was firmly set. I have seen quite a few men and women like that.


Stevie Nix and Carly Simon.❤️🔥❤️🔥

Garban Level 8 June 16, 2022

Sexually attracted? Or just like music? I have many whose voice I just love and some I am totally crazy about over the last 40 years, can't seem have enough of it but not sure I would like to be alone with them.

@St-Sinner Both. Their voices are erotic to my ears. Especially Stevie.

Ah, nice. I loved some female singers, adore many for their special touch to the voice but by far I have loved most male singer voices. But again the majority of favorite music is from overseas (what I grew up on). I still listen to 1960-70's music and watch some B&W movies. Most have moved on but I am still savoring the melodies. For me, nothing of today compare to it. It is true they say... music is an acquired taste and I maybe programmed overtime to super like it.

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