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A simple question by an ordinary person and great answers by ordinary people. I realise how skewed our perceptions sometimes are about other countries.

How does the rest of the world see your country?


It's easy to blame media for misinformation, but in the meantime, I must learn to examine my own biases and assumptions.

Ryo1 8 June 20

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Which country matches all of the following?

  • It is awash with guns
  • Killings are met with indifference
  • The ruling party is corrupt
  • The wealth gap is widening
  • The health gap is widening
  • Religious edicts are broadcast as a matter of routine
  • Homosexuals are to be killed


  1. Huge thread on here (you don't even need a TV or radio!) the last 2-3 days about some mega-preacher who is calling for killing gays, to great applause.

  2. You think the USA is not awash in guns?

Just based on these 2 things, I must ask:
Been out of Mommy's basement in the last 5 or so years? Even once?

Where are homosexuals being killed?

@Matias To be clear, while some nut my murder a homosexual in the U.S. it is clearly against the law in every State to do so, and is not at all socially acceptable to do so.

I'll play your game, which country?


I assume most of the rest of the world hates the US, even if they're in a bad enough situation where they'd want to live here. Hell each half of America hates the other half.

I've met many Americans, and they are just ordinary individuals with good common sense and a good sense of humour. 🙂 But as a whole society, I don't know how American society has become so divided and dysfunctional. It's puzzling.

@Ryo1 I mean, any individual can seem okay in a given situation, but there are huge swaths of the American public that don't believe in truth or facts. You cannot reason with someone like that. I don't think we'll be a democracy anymore within the next few electing cycles. Several independent international organizations that track the health of democracies around the globe have already downgraded the US and no longer consider us a [full] democracy. There are a bunch of people who support the attempted coup that are running for Secretaries of State so that they can be in place if Trump loses again. The only thing that may prevent it is if Trump dies and the Right doesn't find another cult leader (but that's unlikely).

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