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The Bible is a distillation of evil. It seems that Dillon Awes wishes to promote that evil: []

anglophone 8 June 21

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If you read the Old Testament you can see his statements are perfectly in line with the Hod of the OT

God told Saul to kill every man, woman and child against an enemy in battle.

God killed the firstborn child of every Egyptian. Good even said he hardened pharaohs heart in order for him to do this. Why didn’t he soften his heart to let him go.

God let Jephthah make a vow if god allowed him to win a war he would sacrifice first thing he saw when he got home. Jephthah saw his daughter. Unlike Isaac, God did not spare Jephthah daughter.

One of gods 613 commandments in Old Testament is if you have an unruly son then take him to corner of the town and kill him. Wonder how many pastors would have to do this to their son if they really believed the Bible.

God sent a bear to maul 40 children for making fun of a prophet.

Plenty more absurdities not mentioned


The next time he eats bacon, stone him.

What should we do if he wears mixed cloth?

Save a pig and stone him anyway.

@anglophone same thing


That piece of shit can go fuck himself.
As can the rest of them who feel that way.
Assholes like him are an embarrassment to humanity.


The man hates himself for being gay is my guess.

Yes, with a hatred that may explode at any moment.

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