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A sad state of affairs. 'Biden Points and Says 'That Guy' Is the CDC Director, But There's One Major Problem' - []

BDair 8 June 22

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I've been saying for a few years now that Biden has obvious dementia, but no mainstream Dems are willing to believe me, and it's not that I am a Trumper or a conservative. I supported Bernie, and that's actually who most Americans would have preferred over Biden or Trump. He is the one who turned out the huge crowds to his rallies, not Biden. But he's not who the corporate media, the DNC, the oligarchs, Wall Street, and corporate America wanted, so we were given the choice between the demented Biden and the crazy tyrant Trump. Like our votes and wishes actually matter anymore.

I completely agree. That Bernie, who was drawing throngs of supporters , lost the primaries to Biden who was hiding in his basement is very suspicious to me. The DNC pulled some shenanigans in the primaries in both '16 and '20. in my opinion.

@BDair He got cheated both times, and would have won either time if he had got the nomination. I still fault him, tho, for never having left the Dems behind after each loss and started or ran on a third party ticket for prez. I still think he could have won doing that, but now he is too old and it is too late. I fear he gave up our only chance for a third party that could have reformed our fed govt. and gotten rid of both corrupt major parties. He could have led the way, but he either was threatened, chickened out, or cared too much about his own place in congress to put the progressive movement ahead of his own career.

Another thing, Liz Warren proved that she was a fake progressive when she didn't drop out of the primary and throw her support to him so he could carry the progressive agenda into the general election. She stayed in the primaries just long enough to ensure Biden's win, then dropped out and blamed her failing to support Bernie on bullshit about the Bernie Bros and some personal slight she claimed he made to her. I don't buy any of that. What she sold her soul for in that deal, I have no idea, but just like in 2016, she appeared to have gotten nothing out of her supporting Hillary over Bernie then or supporting Biden over him later. She has shitty political instincts and no integrity, and I will never forgive her.

I agree. I thought Liz and Bernie were the champions of the people. While I still believe Bernie has integrity, I don't think Ms. Warren walks her talk. In the end, I think it is all Lip Service, and none of our elected officials have as much influence as the army of corporate lobbyists.

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