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Supreme Court ruling expands US gun rights: [] Homicide rates are going to rise, folks! 😟

anglophone 8 June 23

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I am so disappointed in this ruling, seemingly taking away the power of states to keep their own current restrictions. I'm lucky to live in one of the few states with very few guns currently, but I worry that could change, affecting my feeling of safety.


I do love our constitutional rights.

I hope you're one of the first to be affected by the new Old West.

Me too actually.
In all reality today and back in the old west, the cities with the highest murder rates have the strictest gun control laws.

@CourtJester Several hundred nuclear explosions would just about satisfy me. Really. This nation is evil and disgusting.

I’ll happily buy you a one way ticket to any Country of your choice if you denounce your citizenship.
Message me and we can work out the details.

@CourtJester What a fucking LOAD OF GARBAGE reply. I served this pathetic trash heap and will die in it while trying to kill its enemies. That includes Q.


I served too. The offer still stands if you ever change your mind though.


The same folks that want everyone to have guns and so called "freedumb" are the same folks that want a dictator as president. What's the first thing a dictator will do? Take away your guns. Circular logic. Explain it to them and you know what they say? Biden is the reason for high gas prices lol. Fucking nitwit twits that can't think themselves out of a brown paper bag.

Oddly enough; this “dictator” that you speak of gave more power back to the states, while the goons that you vote for want to create more restrictions.

I’ll help pay for your GED if interested….

@CourtJester You're an idiot and don't even realize it. That puts you in the majority. I bow to your stupidity, sir.


Prove me wrong

@CourtJester Still flapping? Lonely?

I didn’t think you could. Liberals have feelings, but no facts to support them.
It’s always comical.

@CourtJester Still flapping?

Still no supporting data.
You’re proving me right now.

@CourtJester still flapping?

@FvckY0u still unable to support your own opinion.
Good times.

@CourtJester still flapping?

@FvckY0u I’m honestly willing to pay for your GED.


How much money does the NRA ''contribute'' to politicians?

Way too much!

@anglophone exactly

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