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Aw what a crying shame, NOT.
Just had a phone conversation with the Psychiatrist at the local hospital regarding the " Evangelidiot.
It seems that unless a living or lives nearby Carer can either volunteer or be found Evangelidiot CANNOT be released from hospital care, so again I was asked, kindly, if I would accept the task and associated responsibilities, you can guess my answer/response to that question.
The Hospital have tried to get his mother to either agree to or suggest a responsible person for the job but have had no luck at all, they contacted the numerous churches that Evangelidiot "claimed" to be a member of, NO luck there as well and even tried the Salvation Army, same result, no luck/no takers.
According to my colleague, the medications are taking effect slowly, but, he is not willing to release the patient, (Evangelidiot) back in to society unsupervised, etc, etc, until the medications are working at 100% capacity which, given the present situation, may be between another 8 -14 days minimum and since Scheduling a patient for treatment in a Psychiatric Hospital, plus the transportation to the nearest facility, is out of the question according to the other 2 members of the Assessment Team, the patient shall need to remain either hospitalized or reside at a house or hospice and with a designated Carer, of which there have been, thus far, no volunteers.
So I guess Peace, Quiet, Harmony and Joy will continue to reign in the neighbourhood for yet a while longer thankfully.

Triphid 9 June 23

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Good news for you and not so good for him. He is where he needs to be. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can and keep us updated. 🙂

Betty Level 8 June 23, 2022

You have an RO against him.

You're recovering from a stroke.

You're a neighbour, not family, or even a distant relative.

Why do they keep asking you?

My guess would be that the hospital administration is pressuring the doctors to release the patient due to the budget concerns. The doctors having exhausted all other avenues and in desperation tried Triphid again. Now the administration has to accept the outcome and approve his stay in the hospital.

Yes, Betty is correct in her assessment PLUS because I am a Qualified Psychologist they seem to be of the opinion that my qualifications, etc, should over-ride my human needs first and foremost, needs such as peace, quiet, security, etc, etc.
And as such PLUS the R.O. I simply stand by MY Rights as a PRIVATE Citizen and REFUSE, point blank, to take on the extra and onerous burden that would be him and his rank insanities.

Possibly because they have exhausted almost ALL other avenues.

@Triphid Not your problem.

@Triphid You've already been through more than your share of his crap.

@Triphid This is my opinion and my opinion only...Since you have been directly affected by him with threats and harassment hence the restraining order, it would be a conflict of interest for you to be involved in his treatment. You should not have even been considered as an option in this case.

Budget concerns be dammed, your mental/physical health is important. In my opinion more important than his. The stress in controlling your negative feelings while placing the mental wellbeing of this particular patient above yours could/would cause you damage. Your rights as a citizen out weigh their budget concerns. The psychiatrist should be ashamed of himself. If I had any influence, I would insist you file a complaint. If only.

@Triphid What option do you believe they have not tried?

@Betty well managed to get to have a long sit-down chat with the Psychiatrist in question yesterday and few things regarding the situation came to light.
The first being that it is NOT the Psychiatrist nor the Staff that is pushing to get Evangeloon out of the Hospital a.s.a.p. BUT the Hospital C.E.O. for reasons such as "Patient turn-over rates", "Financial reasons" since Evangeloon is NOT a Privately Insured patient but comes under the umbrella of the Australian Medicare system ( hence there are no "lucrative little extras that can tacked on the bill for the Private Health Company/s to pay" ) and since the C.E.O. is viewing his tenure at the hospital here as a "stepping stone:" type of thing so he may be able in the near future to apply for a more prestigious position at a larger hospital elsewhere in the State or country.
Which, translated, means that with the likes of long-term patients such as Evangeloon his Patient Turn-over rates are being reduced and throwing a shadow of his future chances of getting a far more prestigious and lucrative position in a hospital in the larger or even major cities.
Gotta love, NOT, how the Almighty Dollar takes preference over the lives of humans.

@Triphid Why am I not surprised?

@Lilac-JadeCanada Hasn't it always been that way, dollars before human lives I mean?

@Triphid More so now than it used to be.

@Triphid The C.E.O. didn't call you the psychiatrist did, and he did so to get the pressure off himself. He chose to ignore your first refusal as well as the potential impact on your health. That alone is a selfish act. He had already exhausted his other options and that should have been the end of his inquiries on Mr. Payne's behalf.

Don't try to tell me the psychiatrist didn't know it was a conflict of interest or at least some of the reasons for the restraining order. It is because the doctors allow the administration to put preference on "dollars" instead of their patients that this problem exists.

There is a balance that can work if political and financial asperation were not the end goal but the health and welfare of their patients were.


I have a much easier job for you if you are interested. It is to tend to a pit full of angry rattlesnakes.

Probably a lot safer to handle as they are more predictable.

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