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They Aren't Stopping With Roe v. Wade

nogod4me 8 June 25

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Where is hesus in this picture, he should be a part of every decision from now on.


They will have shit so screwed up before long that they will not have any idea what is in their interest or not. Such a position is just ripe with the ability to make money from court cases where they will have to say stuff that is so ridiculous they will be shown to be incompetent.


I see there being a risk that the recent decisions by SCOTUS could destabilize the entire system of government in the U$A. If the supreme court judges are sufficiently crazed to remove marriage equality (and I think that they may be sufficiently crazed) then I foresee riots and bloodshed in the streets, which riots and bloodshed would make January 6 seem like a tea party.

Thomas has already stated he's ready for rescinded "past mistakes"

@Charlene Thomas is an evil wretch.


I cannot wait for them to pardon trump for anything he might have done and make him fearless leader. After all the traitor made them what they are and to fulfill their interpretation of the COnstitution there needs to be a King, to lead us all.


It seems to me that all the comments below should be done.
Is it legal to have people put in office by a traitor to the Constitution?


Impeach, remove, and imprison ANY federal judge who obtained their position by perjury. That includes the Supremes.


It time to Impeach Thomas the Traitor, Boofing Brett and Calamity Amy..Thomas for Treason, Kavanaugh and Barrett for lying to Congress..


I think we know....contraceptives, same-sex marriage, anything the evangeloons dislike.

I've been thinking.....having a growing segment of your population be poor and uneducated really makes life happier for OLIGARCHS, doesn't it?

That court isn't about's about GREED.

It's about sadism, racism, and megalomania.

@racocn8 and misogyny.

I see it as be8ing about the imposition of a right-wing Christian theocracy on the whole of the USA.

Woman are to be property. Other countries are to be despised. The concept of "the just war" against anything and everything that is "un-American".

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