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The new routine for Evangeloon to adhere to once released from hospital as per my source, Martin.
After being admitted and signing in as a patient/resident of the "halfway house," Evangeloon MUST adhere to the following strictly and with out failure, etc,
All laundry, including personal laundry, to be done and hung out on the clothes-line designated for the room he is occupying,
All meals MUST be prepared and MUST be both healthy and nutritious plus contain a MINIMUM of 3 servings of vegetables in each meal, Meats, vegetables will be supplied but the "resident" must contribute to the costs,
A roster is posted stating who, resident wise, is responsible for what household tasks each day, this roster will change each week,
Room MUST be kept clean , tidy, bed made, clothing stowed away neatly with shoes, etc, placed neatly in the corner of the room,
Lights out will be at 9.30 pm every night except Fridays when it will be at 10.00 pm, at those times ALL "residents" must go without objection to their respective rooms, close the door and remain there until morning (rooms have a separate and built in en-suite btw,
NO after hours ( lights out) interactions between residents will permitted nor tolerated, harsh penalties will apply for ANY and ALL breeches,
ALL doors and windows of the facility are fitted with alarms, including the fire-escape door which has a locking system designed to only unlock in cases of fire or at the in-putting of specific code by the House Manager or Volunteer Night Duty personnel,
Day Releases,
After residing for not less than 2 weeks and following ALL Rules and regulations with out fault/failure,
a resident MAY given Day Release for 1 day per week, however that 'release' will be from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm and the "resident " must return to the facility NO less than 10 minutes after the curfew has passed, failure to do so WILL result in confinement in Isolation for 2 days for the first breech and shall be increased by 1 day for any other breeches,
after being co-operative and return as scheduled from Day releases for a specified period, the "resident may apply for PERMISSION to have the following, 24 hour releases, 1 per week) - permitted for 3 weeks, followed ( if no breeches of course) by ONE 72 hour release per week for another 3 weeks, ALL 24 and 72 hour releases MUST be approved by and supervised by the designated Carer of the resident,
There are a string more rules and restrictions that Evangeloon MUST adhere to as well, but it would typing out pages of them, so I hope you get the idea of how regulated his home-coming looks to be.
Oh, and his "Carer" works 24 hours per day for 4 days, then a replacement takes over from him for 3 days.
And to keep Evangeloon on his toes, they will rotate every second or third week but it will not be in a predictable and regulated manner either.

Triphid 9 June 29

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3 is tough......

Specially for those are wilful idiots.

Or as we say in Australia, "Shit happens."

@Triphid Canadians say that too.


Conjecture: the Evangeloon will see all this as "My God is testing me.". /@Betty

Possibly imo, possibly.

Good on you, Sir. I hadn't thought of that one. You are clever and I see your icon is still green. I'm glad your not holding your breath, I do prefer the green. 🙂


Oooooo! I see a tantrum in P.O. Martin's future. 🤣

Betty Level 8 June 29, 2022

Not from Martin but from Evangeloon either possibly or probably depending on how effective the drug therapies are working of course.



My sentiments exactly btw.
How I'd like to be a fly on the wall and have a ringside seat to view the reactions, etc, of Evangeloon when this news hits him.

@Triphid I predict the following in the Evangeloon: astonishment, disbelief and misery. I expect Martin to treat the Evangeloon's tears with the severity they deserve.

@anglophone So, it seems as though you may know my long time friend Martin then perhaps? Because that IS exactly what Evangeloon can expect and will get as well.
To quote his own words, " I've got NO time for either Arse-holes or whining Cry-babies who made their own beds but refuse to lay in them."

@anglophone I suspect he will play the good christian card.

@anglophone, @Triphid He's going to think he's in hell. lol

@Betty Boy oh boy will he be in for a HUGE shock then, the "Half-way House" is 100% SECULAR, NO Religion, NO Religious Texts, etc, etc, permitted and DEFINITELY NO Preaching, etc, etc.
I reckon he will be thinking he has been sent to Hell at the very least OR, surprise of all surprises, IT may even wake him up to actual REALITY instead.

@Triphid You credit me with more than I am due. I was making inferences from what you had said about both Martin and the Evangeloon. What you quote from Martin is consistent with that, and I admire his approach. I wonder if at the back of Martin's mind will be the words "Will you ever grow the fuck up?".

@Triphid, @Betty "the good christian card" expressed as a flood of tears, perhaps?

@Triphid Are you hoping for a miracle?

@Betty, @Triphid "may even wake him up to actual REALITY instead". Hmm. I won't be holding my breath.

@anglophone You should be an artist. You painted quite the picture. 🙂

@Betty Madam, I bough to you. 🙂

@anglophone I wouldn't if I were you. You would turn blue then have to change your icon. lol

@anglophone Why, thank you kind sir. ( she says as she give a deep curtsy in response.)

@anglophone Maybe there will be some life lessons to be learned, that is if he is capable of retaining the information.

@Betty Yes. The teacher within me says "Yes there are lessons there to be learned, but he must first agree to learning them, and then he must agree to retaining that learning.".

@anglophone You're a good man for retaining hope. The key word is agree, yet out of all the lessons this "man" has had over the years with Triphid and in the neighbourhood, he has chosen not to learn. He has succeeded in alienating everyone he comes in contact with including family. Maybe this will be rock bottom for him and a change is possible. He is a con-man in the way he thinks and acts. I am not holding out much hope.

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