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News re- the Garbage pit next door to my house.
Went out to feed the birds and a team of 5 persons, presumably Cleaners arrived at the Evangeloon residence, or should I say septic pit?
They immediately donned what I think were disposable overall types suits, masks, gloves, disposable over-shoes, each then collected from the vehicle a type of back-pack sprayer device, donned the type of head covering used in Operating theatres and proceeded to enter the house while a colleague off-loaded approx. 4x 12 litre containers of what look to be a very strong Industrial style Disinfectant concentrate, 3 huge rolls of what appeared to be heavy duty plastic bags and heaps of other things that I have only see used at Chemical spill sites and such other disasters.
4 of the crew entered the house whilst the 5 member of the crew went from door to door to explain as why they are there, what hey are doing and to ask everyone to NOT use their Air Coolers or Air Conditioners for at least the next 3 hours if possible.
I guess, some time today there will be a large truck arriving to collect the detritus and other wastes from the Evangeloon residence to cart it away to a facility for proper disposal.
Kind of wondering what the total costings and Bill for this is going to amount to and how Evangeloon is going to pay it as well.

Triphid 9 June 30

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I'm going to play a "wishful thinking game". Here goes...

Mummy got control of the property, ordered the cleanup and will have it prepped for the real estate market.

How is that for wishful thinking?

Betty Level 8 June 30, 2022

Jeez Louise I hope you are 100% right on that one.

@Triphid So do I, my friend. So do I. 🙂


And he actually had women staying there at times??????

Yes and I assume those were the occasions when THEY did a clean up job for him as well.

@Triphid Couldn't have been much of a clean up for it to still be that deadly.

@Lilac-JadeCanada Oh his last female "friend" Liz, worked her backside off cleaning the place up and then he had some traveling churchies stay with him, she was given the cold shoulder treatment, possibly because of,
a) she is of S.E. Asian origins,
b) a Catholic, and, c) she refused numerous times to settle for being as his beliefs as per his interpretation of the holey babble tell him, a silent, meek, obedient servant to him.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I don't know but the STENCH was bad enough the other day, trust on that one and I have smelled many a dead thing in my time, even dead humans but this was BAD.


Possibly he signed over the property??

I doubt it somehow.


Any bets of anything from $5,000 to $10,000? It's not just the people's time, it's also all the equipment and cleaning stuff, PLUS disposal on top of all that.

I feel bad for the neighbours. They were living next to a hazardous waste dump.

Sorry there Mate but your estimate according to what the crew informed me not long ago when they were packing up and having a FREE lunch supplied by me, the total, including disposal of such waste/s came to a mere, LOL, $ 11,875.
I actually got see as the team head was filling out the job sheet and putting in all the costs, etc.
So I am guessing that 'someone' is line for a very BIG case of Bill Shock very soon.

@Triphid Oh well, at least I wasn't a million miles/dollars away from the actual cost. I can from even this far in the future's past and at this distance screams of "MUMMY!".


That's wild. Hopefully being Winter makes it less hot.

Well we have hit July atm and July is always the coldest winter month so heat is not the problem for him but cold will be and whether he likes it or not, his Carer come Watch-dog, Martin, will be bringing with him an electric fan driven heater that he will be using in his room, as to what Evangeloon does for warmth, well that is another question.

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