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Well the " toxic waste crew" have now packed up their equipment, cleaned themselves off, etc, and are now enjoying the unexpected reward of a large Thermos filled with freshly made and very hot coffee plus some home-made toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwiches that I had just delivered to them about 5 minutes ago.
Their "special truck" left about 15 minutes earlier with, as
i estimated, about 15 very large bags filled with whatever junk etc, there was removed from the Evangeloon den.
LOl, I needed to make an apology to one of the crew since I only caught a fleeting glimpse from behind when the first arrived and thought her to be a male, but she most definitely is NOT and even to an old fart like myself, extremely attractive, has a great personality and an even better sense of humour as well.
We all had a good laugh when I presented them with their free, hot lunches and the team head said, " Better hope we get called back here more often, a free lunch and really hot coffee as well, we must have died or something."

Triphid 9 June 30

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If you compiled all your evangeloon stories, it would make a great book. Likey have to be in the humor section because no one would believe it all happened.

Wonder if Ripley's Believe it or not might interested?

Hey, no fair! I suggested that to him eons ago. It would be a real page turner though. 🙂

@Betty You can have the credit in the foreword. I just want a copy of the book. 😉

@OldMetalHead Me too. 🙂


Sounds delicious.


Well deserved for a hard days work. 🙂 You are an excellent neighbour and host, too bad Evengeloon is not.

Betty Level 8 July 1, 2022

Sir, you are a most excellent host!

Does he make you wish he was your neighbour? 😉

@Betty Yes!

@Betty P.S. I presume that I am not alone in that feeling.

Thank you, though I must say that I do try to be so.

@anglophone You presume correctly. Smart man but then I knew you were. 🙂

@Triphid If that is "try", then what is your definition of success? 🙂

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