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Here's how my mind works.

I drive a lot and I was talking to a friend who also drives a lot and I thought of saying "I pray for the day when we don't have to drive."

That got me thinking if I should exchange the word "pray" for "hope" since I neither prayed for her nor make it a regular habit of praying. As well, given my view that every prayer is to me, regardless of theological implication, a statement of hope or thanks, that word stands as a more consistent and coherent reflection of my views.

But then I noticed pray rhymed nicely with day.
And so I kept it. 😂

TheMiddleWay 8 July 15

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All depends who you pray to. If I pray to myself to find the energy to make more effort, for example, then good enough. If I pray to a sky daddy to make it right, so that I don't have to make the effort, then........


abide the ride.


I always use hope or wish instead of pray. It's about the same odds of something happening.


Art wins!

skado Level 9 July 15, 2022



Not sure what to say. Unless someone is being an ass with me, and they use the word pray, I just ignore it; I suppose that is my way of translating it to hope.

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