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Back when John F. Kennedy was running for president, he was subjected to questioning by Protestant clergy as to whether he would take orders from the Catholic Church and the Pope or follow the Constitution as they feared having a Catholic as the country's leader. Today we have a SCOTUS made up of majority members of the Catholic Church and they are ignoring the Constitution and making rulings based on the the dictates of the Catholic Church.

jlynn37 8 July 19

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You may not agree with the S.C. rulings, but their basis for such rulings come from their reading of the Constitution, not from any church writings.

Did you ever actually read a ruling?

Your opinion is noted as is mine.

@jlynn37 That was not an opinion; the ruling went into detail and none of that detail even loosely related to religion.

You may not agree with the ruling, but to say it was religiously based is simply wrong, and you have no basis to say that.

Read rulings before you comment, you can't bluff your way out.


For all the faults of the Catholic Church, the Pope seems to keep his task to dictating how Catholics should live their lives and choices they should make for themselves, not what laws various countries should make. Am I wrong?

While we have a majority Catholic supreme court, the decisions they are making seem to be their own personal bias, not necessarily that the Pope is dictating that they should revoke rights won in the past.

If they are following the advice of the Pope, and if that can be proven, I would think that would be a clear violation of the Separation of State and Church (of course it's clear to me now without further proof) and is something that congress should take up.

Seems the beef should be with the Federalist Society and the dark money funding the push to install conservative judges. There should be public outrage on that.

Biden is Catholic and not seeking to overturn the rights fully won in the past.


I remember that too. That's when I found out my parents had a problem with Catholics. It's also when I found out our next door neighbors were Catholic.


I remember that was a thing back in the 1960's. My parents discussed this about JFK at the kitchen table. I was pretty young but the tone of their voices, one concerned the other very calm, is what I remember.
Kennedy would not condone what the current SCOTUS is doing.


Those on SCROTUS are more akin to evangelical catholics, meaning they obey the Pope only when he says shit to which they agree.


My impression has been that this court and the current Pope are not at all on the same page, especially in comparison to the previous pope. A cursory google search seems to confirm…

skado Level 9 July 19, 2022
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