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So, this was Misinformation then....

BDair 8 July 21

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Being President, means, never to say sorry for misleading the public.


Myself, and just about everybody I know including my 86 year old mother has recently gotten COVID. All have been vaccinated and boosted, nobody got any sicker than having a mild cold. Before vaccines I knew many people that got COVID many were extremely ill and several were hospitalized,and suffering from long haul symptoms. You and your ilk are just clueless morons.......

For more than 99% people that were infected with the original Wuhan strain of the 'virus', symptoms were mild to nonexistant. This was before any intramuscular mRNA vaccines were injected into anyone. Nearly all the people that had severe illness had one or more comorbidities. This is well documented. There were many protocols for prophylaxis and early treatment that were proven effective early on, but were completely suppressed by Big Pharma and their minions in government regulatory bodies. As is always the case, viruses mutate to be more virulent but less pathogenic over time, so anyone that caught the more recent variants experienced something like mild cold symptoms. The moronic among us, are the ones that had been jabbed and boosted and still got Covid but say they are so glad because it would have been much worse without the jabs. There is no evidence to support that supposition.

@BDair BS, I draw my conclusions with what I experience with my own eyes.

That's fine. You can ignore the data and studies from all around the planet. My personal experience is that I have had no Covid vaccinations, in fact I've never had any prescription pharmaceutical, I don't wear a mask or use sanitizers. I used public bathrooms and showers every day through the entire 'pandemic' and I never locked myself in. I have not had any symptoms or illness of any kind in the 2.5 years.

@BDair Well good for you. I got vaccinated 1 because I believe the science, 2 Because it was the right thing to do. Getting a majority of people vaccinated is what got us out of all those stupid lockdowns and restrictions. So you owe people like me a thank you......

You have been indoctrinated with the Vaccine Apologist Dogma, none of which holds up to scrutiny with any scientific method or data.

NEVER was it a pandemic of the UNVACCINATED; it was always a pandemic of the VACCINATED; CDC & NIH & WHO LIED by placing infections, hospitalizations, deaths up to 14-15 days post jab, into unvaxx bin
Now we have clear indications that it is pandemic of the vaccinated & specifically the BOOSTED; we have always saw in the data, that 3rd & 4th shot (1 st & 2nd booster) for 50 years and above harmful

@BDair I could care less about your data and anti-vax propaganda. In my opinion getting the vaccine was the smart thing to do because it got my life back. For example, I have season tickets to a local theater company that requires proof of vaccination to see the plays, I'm also a season ticket holder to the Utah Jazz and same thing there. Also I just got back from visiting my son and grandson in Australia which was only possible because I'm vaccinated! And many other things as well. I never feared COVID one iota since day one and I'm certainly not going to fear getting a shot that has been given to billions. If anybody here has been indoctrinated onto some kind of COVID dogma, it's you.......


Ill stick to the majority of the world population who didn't get fully vaccinated. I'm not into hating anyone or being a bigot to any one group. Although when our owners decide to force themselves into or out of my


I remember, Biden said the vaccines are 100% safe. I had a truck food vendor refuse to serve me because, he said 99% of unvaxxed people are the carrier of covid. Or course he got his information from Biden. One person, told I am a serial killer and wanted to murder his family. Have not ever experienced extreme nonsense and indecent bigotry in my entire lifetime. After traveling 6 continents over half a century, not seen such lies and abuse worldwide.

Trudeau has had covid 4 times and been vaccinated 4 times. You think some media would question that.

Oh forget, Trudeau control the media and a vaccine investor. No conflict there, pay no mind,
just sheep mowing along.


So you're blaming him for not knowing more than science did back then?

You don't want a President; you want a fortune teller.

Here's a tip: there aren't any; they're all fake.

When he said that, it was already known that the mRNA vaccines did not stop infection or transmission of a virus.


Let’s go covid

*clap clap… clap clap clap

let’s go covid

*clap clap… clap clap clap

My guess is that Brandon doesn't really have Covid. They just need a reason to keep him out of public as much as possible.


Quite likely.


Some fully vaxxed people also 'Got Covid' apparently, according to the press.

BDair Level 8 July 21, 2022


Proving demonstrably that 'If you had these 'vaccinations', you can still get COVID.'

@BDair and....?

And since Biden, Walenski, and others said that the vaccines would prevent infection, they were misinforming the public.


I see doctor dimwitt is at it again.....

Are many people that have been vaxxed and boosted, also testing positive for 'Getting Covid'?


You watch to much zombie apocalypse crap. Maybe someday you’ll grow out of it.

Garban Level 8 July 21, 2022

Did Mr. Biden make this statement? Does Mr. Biden now claim to have Covid and has alledged to have had two jabs and two boosters?


What a stupid post.

It seems like his statement has proven inaccurate.


News flash!!!! The virus mutated because of people who didn't get the vaccine!

News flash. The virus mutated because people recieved an injection that was non-sterilizing and did not prevent infection or spread of any virus, thus encouraging the 'virus' to mutate and 'escape' the vaccines'.

If only they had been able to quadruple jab 100% of their population, they would not be in this situation.

Is that why the common cold viruses (also a Covid virus) also mutates consistently. Is it because of all the people that never got a cold vaccine or because that’s exactly what viruses do???
Maybe it mutated while working through those that were vaccinated in order to beat the vaccine. That’s not uncommon either.

@CourtJester The common cold started before the science of vaccines was fully understood. It now mutates so fast science cannot keep up with it. The same will be true of the Covid variant. In most cases, it mutated through those who were NOT vaccinated simply because it could. The virus (a living entity) cannot mutate when the host is dead but can when the host is still able to contain the virus. The vaccine helps to stop the vires but there are always a few exceptions.

@JackPedigo how long has the common cold been around?

Longer than the media I bet.

@CourtJester As I clearly said, before the advent of viable vaccines.

@JackPedigo huh?

@CourtJester @CourtJester "The common cold started before the science of vaccines was fully understood.


And there is still no vaccine for the common cold.

@CourtJester And the reason is it mutates so fast a vaccine cannot be made to affect all the variants. This is what's happening with covid.


I’ve been to medical school.
The common cold hasn’t had an effective vaccine is because no one has figured out how to stop the spike proteins. The molecules are essentially the same regardless of the variant. Minor differences, but mostly the same. No one has ever figured out how to actually stop that one, and Covid is a form of the cold virus.

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