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The numbskulls and idiots in Australian and New Zealand sport are equating the removal of prejudice against LGBT people with the promotion of Christianity: []

anglophone 8 July 30

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Far cough!


One of the best ways to stop Christian hate-mongering is to expose it for what it is. We can try to shame these shameless psychopaths, but it's just as well to show what ugliness they have inside them


Christianity is the problem.

Betty Level 8 July 30, 2022

Thank you!


Yes, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Local media have pointed out the double standards of players happy to wear jerseys that promote gambling. And suggested an alternative kit.

There’s a good rebuttal in Stuff NZ pointing out the hypocrisy:



It’s not the players who objected that is the problem it’s the leaders of the evangelical churches which these guys attend and who are feeding them this bigotry. They are told to fear and to oppose any LGBT rights measures which sport and society tries to promote. It’s significant I think that all the names sound like Australian and NZ imports into the game from other Pacific island nations…where the Christian missionary zeal is still extremely influential in their particular brand of religious belief. It’s a problem we’re encountering at present with the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham …a large number of member countries - 35 out of a total 56, have draconian laws including life imprisonment for homosexuality…and yet the Games are trying to promote and highlight equality. Olympic and Commonwealth Diving Gold Medalist and openly gay activist Tom Daley has been leading protests….

Footage of the protesters in Birmingham was shown on the TV news in NZ Aotearoa.

@Zealandia Good…I’m glad it’s getting coverage outside of the U.K…

@Marionville Yes, it is. Was wondering, has Tom Daley retired, or is he just having a break?

@Zealandia He’s having a break to concentrate on raising his son….I think that is why he’s not competing in the current games.

@Marionville Thanks. So hopefully Tom will compete again in the future.

@Zealandia Yes…I think so.

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