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How do you spot a fake account on Agnostic? Easy, they’re the ones that start following you!?🀠

Buck 7 Aug 21

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We are all fakes, you are he only real one, and now that we have gathered the information we need for the mega church enforcement department, to initiate proceedings, we will start watching your home with regard to working out a final solution and a clear up method with the hit squad. You have been warned, amend your ways, bullets cost money that we would rather went to the committee for the respecting of Jesus. But we will act if we are forced.

Holy crap! Bots now have the ability to be ironic?!

Effin trolls…..πŸ™„


I tend to wonder about persons who are only at level one. Usually, fake accounts get reported by users before they reach level four.

I've reported several accounts myself. Usually because their "response" doesn't fit the subject matter of the post and/or resembles an advertisement, or is promoting some other website.

When somebody follows you, it just means they want to be notified when you make a post or respond to a post. I can't think of a reason why a fake account would do that.

Level one, or tits like Dolly Parton?!!πŸ€”


I don't care if someone follows me.


I can agree with that but I might have an exception. A young girl friendly with me is from India and wants to become an IT tech. She is going to school for this and is excited about it. She seemed happy that I put her onto some Internet sites that might help her if she wants to come here later with her IT skills. She asks me for nothing but checks in every now and then to report her progress. I am like a mentor.

A rarity, but nice of you.


The ones that say they are sky daddy believers get blocked immediately.


I think you're right about that. It makes me immediately suspicious when that happens. Do you block them? I haven't, but probably should.

Sure nuff 🀠

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