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"Smokin' in the Boy's Room " was released in 1973. If it were released today, it would be titled "Vaping in the Gender Neutral Safe Space."

What other songs would have to be changed to conform to today's sensibilities?

Sgt_Spanky 8 Sep 6

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All also from 1973, see if you can work them out.

Touch me in the morning (I'm giving consent now) Diana Ross
Testicle and shaved pubis city limits by Tina Turner
Subjectively Judged twice Leroy p.o.c. Jim Croce
I have no right to judge the size of your genital by The Sweet
Ramblin' person of indeterminate gender The Allperson Sibling Band


I saw this earlier elsewhere. My response was, who, without looking it up, can name the band who did the song?

Motley Crue I think.

@barjoe Motley Crue did a very good cover of that song in the 80's but not the original version. I can't recall who did the original though (without Googling it). The Something Brown Band maybe?

@Charles1971 You're right. Brownsville Station.

@barjoe Yes. Brownsville Station. While I was never a fan of that song, that band was kick ass in concert.

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