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How agnostic are you?

Is the likelihood of god(s) in your opinion, vanishingly small but you acknowledge that proof of no god(s) is impossible?

Do you consider that the probability of god(s) or a higher power is more than next to nothing?

Or are you not agnostic at all?

waitingforgodo 8 Sep 21

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I don't know how the Universe works, but l don't believe in any of the over 4,000 gods humans have come up with, so l am not sure what that makes me, and l don't care.


There is good possibilities they are higher powers in action in degrees. Some may not been discovered well enough, such as higher energy, subconscious mind, imagination, Aliens , personal growth and so on. I'm an agnostic in the sense that religion and federal level politics are ugly fairytales. As nationalism is more dangerous than religion. The only true God for most is the Government. So sad.

No one is above me or below me. So higher power more so comes from the source of good intention and action of relationships, nature and good sense.

Curious inflation of right wing bias and the subject of agnosticism. Nice try though, I guess.

If I were to inject a little left wing bias of my own, I'd say the only 'gods' in this world now are the billionaire scum who increasingly own and run it and the passive consumer sheep people who follow them unthinkingly.


I don't have wings, yet do have equal left and right arms and legs. I would say your more correct. The politicians are in the back pocket of these self interest wealthy globalist. Bankers and Government are the greatest scammers of all. It's easy to get trapped, as I was a toy for the wealthy for a good period of time, not now. Yes, many don't think for themselves.

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