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I started watching the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale and...


My heart is racing watching it.

PeppermintDreads 7 Apr 28

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Yes, it's excellent isn't it - Attwood is the best!


I read the book when it came out. It was hard for me to read that many years ago. The story stayed with me, and I was thinking about how current times mirror it so much, and then the TV adaptation was created. Nope, can't watch it. Or IF I did I'd have to give up sleeping.


I liked the book.. because it ended. Not sure I'd like a continuing series about a future religious totalitarian regime.

I can read about apocalyptic futures, but I usually need a day or tow to recover mentally. It took me almost a full week to recover from reading "1984".

i am nto so sure I would like watching that kind of thing episode after episode.


Have not like either adaptation, loved the novel.


I have to give that show another chance I fell asleep on the first episode


I'm watching series 2 Handmaids Tale - absolutely amazing production. Margaret
Attwood is incredible


I remember reading the book. I had this sense of foreboding. "This is really going to happen."

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