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Step 1: gerrymander district boundaries to insure Republican majorities in state legislatures.

Step 2: state legislatures pick electors, regardless of who the majority voted for.

Step 3: the USA becomes a banana republic.

Flyingsaucesir 8 Oct 2

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When the Democraps are in control they gerrymander districts to their favor so why blame the republicans who do it when they’re in charge.
Because of the democraps crazy agenda we’re already well on our way to becoming a banana republic.

No doubt, gerrymandering should be outlawed for everyone, everywhere.

At least Dems respect the outcomes of elections. Unlike MAGA hatters.

Yeah investing in infrastructure and building manufacturing capacity are totally wacko 🤣

@Flyingsaucesir The dems are against showing a photo ID to vote and that is nothing but an invitation to commit fraud.

@Trajan61 The photo ID Republican talking point is a red herring, for many reasons.

  1. Election fraud was practically nil in the last election and in previous elections.

  2. Photo ID is not going to stop somebody from filling out their dead parent's ballot. There were numerous instances of this on both sides, mostly by white Republican men.

  3. Democrats are not opposed to requiring photo ID, just don't limit it to only one type that is difficult for a lot of poor or elderly or student citizens to obtain. Which is exactly what Republicans want to do, because the whole point is to disenfranchise would-be Democratic voters.


That's pretty good. Is this Newton or Newt?

100% Newt 🤮

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