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As I mentioned earlier in the Music From the Movies group…today 6th October is the 60th anniversary of the premiere of the first James Bond movie, the first in the longest running film series in cinematic history. The films are based on the books by Ian Fleming and Dr. No was the first of them, starring Sean Connery as special agent 007 - James Bond. Here’s an item on how exciting but stressful Norman Wanstall the Sound Engineer on the first 5 movies found the experience . He won an Oscar for his sound effects on the third Bond movie Goldfinger.

James Bond sound engineer recalls Dr No stress []

Marionville 10 Oct 5

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I still remember sitting in our family car at a drive -in watching "Dr. No." Brings back a memory. Good thing I couldn't foretell my future I would be totally freaked out.


In middle school I read everything I could find that Ian Fleming wrote. Such fun!

I read all the books before the movies came out too.

@Marionville Me too.


The experiencing of my first Bond movie left with me a feeling my feet weren't touching the ground. Connery was the slickest actor and got better in the non- Bond movies he made. i appreciate his other movies

Yes…I agree.

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