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Are we supposed to believe this is a step in the right direction

howdy1 5 Oct 7

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This is a situation that will take a lot of figuring out with no immediate solution that solves the problem. The big question is what will replace fossil fuels?


My thought is that the first big push should be into Hybrids. Fully ICE vehicles are certainly slated for extinction, but Hybrids are a logical interim step for most people on the road to EV's. This would eliminate the range anxiety many people have about EV's, and if you do not have charging capability at home, a Hybrid is a better fit. Long haul trucks should be Diesel/ Electric as train locomotives have been for decades. Mandating that all cars be EV's before the infrastructure is in place and proven reliable is putting the cart before the horse. The paradigm shift to EV's charged by renewable energies is in the pipeline, but we have much further to go before we are not reliant on some fossil fuel use. And if you peoples would stop driving those cars that shut off and on at stoplights, that would be great. Those are annoying.

BDair Level 8 Oct 7, 2022

Soooo, should i look up how much stuff it takes to make an old-type battery? Along with their very short lifespan & cost to dispose of?
But wait, you already know all that yet you Chose to post this........


Another "useful fool". You'll fit right in here.


And I can pick cherries just as well as you can, sunshine!


It’s definitely part of the crazy democrap agenda!

@Wangobango3 I have no time for the poor miserable wretch that is @Trajan61 .


Visit [] if you’re not trolling for the fossil fuel industry. It’s about 15 minutes of short videos and some optional long videos.


Does that mean you believe fossil fuels are preferable to renewables or that you are walking to the shops ?

I doubt that you will get a cogent reply from @howdy1 .

Right now fossil fuels are the best we have.


There is wireless technology now that can charge phones without a cord. There are wobble posts that generate electricity on roadsides along with making roads with solar panels.
So why not use that wireless technology not to charge phones but charge cars as they move along the road? A bit like the old slot car games. Then, cars would not need batteries. Think would be economical in cities and as technology improves, can go rural.

puff Level 8 Oct 7, 2022

Pretty soon we will have so much EMF going everywhere that people will be spontaneously combusting at bus stops.

@BDair Already have, so may as well build Tesla Towers

@BDair We already have so much EMF people bust into metaphorical flames all the time. Entitled MFer's


How many laptop computers are there using Lithium Ion batteries? Everything humans do has unintended consequences for the planet. The transition to EV's will not eliminate environmental impacts, but as the paradigm shifts the technologies will advance ever faster. It is already possible now to have an off grid home with the capability to charge your EV in your driveway with a solar array. This will become more commonplace in the near future.

BDair Level 8 Oct 7, 2022

Should I dump my power company stock? Rhetorical question.

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