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Are you a body with a mind, or a mind with a body?

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Beowulfsfriend 9 Oct 7

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D: none of the above. People look at me and don't know what to think. (I don't either.)


My body has been failing by leaps and bounds for decades, Clearly my willpower/brain is in control, has to be, or i would crumble.

Be strong! (In willpower, or odor.) I've met many that have success with both.


Without a body, you would not have a mind.

@Garban There are eggs without evidence of chickens. Try another analogy.

There are bodies without evidence of minds: Trump, DeSantis in FL, Abbott in TX. Your analogy may be ok.

@Garban You cannot have a mind without a body. Your brain is part of your body.

Essentially all neuroscientists believe that thoughts are purely an effect of firing neurons in the brain.

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