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Okay... the day is drawing near. So what is your prediction on the midterm elections. Will Congress stay blue, (and I say that because if there's a tie, the tie breaker is a Democrat) or will it turn red. Feel free to comment on why you feel the way you do.

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Captain_Feelgood 8 Oct 22

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Anyone want to change their minds now? 😊


Surely people are not stupid enough to continue to vote for the crazy democraps after the disaster that has occurred since they took over.

OK, what disaster was that?

@DenoPenno Skyrocketing inflation which is at 40 year highs and a disastrous foreign policy which has caused a lot of instability. Not to mention rampant FBI, dept of Justice and MSM corruption.

@Trajan61 Oh, my! That all kicked in the minute that Trump left unless you believe that Trump never left. What would you think Trump could do now about any of it? Maybe hold another rally, I suppose.

β€œThat all kicked in the minute that Trump left” and Biden took control. Did you finish elementary school????


Remember folks, this is who do you think will win. Not who do you want to win. 😏

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