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Another member/post said they read the comment section for the FB advertisement. I just did and it's hilarious as well as a lot of vitriolic comments. So my question: Is this site an echo chamber for non-believers?

Lukian 8 Apr 29

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Now that I have several point of views, I'll venture then my take: This site has the construct/making/foundation to be an echo chamber for non-believers which I interpret to being a close community of like minded individuals that feel safe to belittle/dehumanize/victimize another segment of society. However, base on the comments and diverse point of views to date, I think it is more of a safe place to discuss openly and question some things that cannot be questionned outside rationally. Thanks all for your input!

If those groups want to attack theists then I want nothing to do with them. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.


Its whatever you want it to be.


As with anything else, I take what I want and leave the rest. ..

Very well put


There are a few theists here that, like cockroaches, emerge from the cracks on a rather regular basis.

Gotta say that's funny ????.... And I think you're correct !!!


Are there sites or groups that encourage theist/non-theist discussions?


Look at the name of the site. Ponder that for about 10 seconds, then ask the question again. See what a difference that makes?


I do see a lot of statements / meme's / posts I have seen before but I ignore them. Saying that though other subjects far out way them so it's not as much of an echo chamber as other sites I've been to


Yeah, is this site an echo chamber for non-believers? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Serious answer: I think it is necessarily an echo chamber to some degree, because it's a place for people who share a specific point of view. It doesn't mean that the site is monolithic, or that there aren't people here who disagree on various topics, but a site designated to be a community of agnostics and atheists is of course going to strongly reflect those topics.

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