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I never got why people said this is my half brother. I always said I had two brothers..

But now I see why ...

It was my full brother who helped me ,not my half brother when I was in dire straights..

Though not really sure it has anything to do with family, after all even my own father wouldn't help

My full brother though,,he helped even though it was ten times more dangerous for him to be of helped me,wasn't really dangerous at all for the others..

My father already paid a bunch of money for my full brother when he got in trouble . My father and my half brother wouldn't of been risking anything significant at all..

Just needed a signature to co sighn a car cause the pandemic happened and it delayed me being able to get my driver's license for 9 months..

Who helped me ? Not My own father ,not my half brother who I shared a mother with ..

It was my full brother , everyone else sided with the state or like the case of my half brother who doesn't even pay taxes to the state ,just wouldn't help me

I just think my father has a hatred for me and enjoyed watching me suffer .. like most statists are like that ..

"Burn witch burn " is Thier chant mantra... Think it's just religion? Think again

Not sure people really get what happened to me ... I was stuck in a dirty house with no mother cause she had died ,had just broke up with my ex gf and needed to get my driver's license.. and move on with life .. but what happened instead? Fucking criminally imprisoned I was ...

Even Norway prison system would of been better ,cause it's clean ,and they have people who help you mentally and you get your own room .. it's like the most civilized prison. I've ever heard of . I had done nothing wrong .. yet I was treated like a prisoner,not as bad as the worse prison but not even as good as the best . Fuck all you statists and so called awake,awake to know what's up but not awake enough to help .. fuck you all for what you had done to us all

laidback1 6 Oct 30

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Family and kin are two different things.


You can't chose your blood relatives but you certainly can create you own support system by choosing your friends wisely.

There are many people that have had to cut ties with their blood relatives. You are not alone. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Oct 30, 2022

That's a great point.. thank you . I appreciate it a lot


We actually do not know the full story except what you are saying.


Blood and DNA mean absolutely nothing.
Familial relationships mean nothing.
People are either going to help one another out, or they aren't.

That's true ,but it's still disappointing

@laidback1 That's true. However, if you learn not to expect anything, you are less likely to be disappointed.

@KKGator you're right ,that was a big part of my thinking ,I just couldn't believe it

@laidback1 I understand completely. The common "understanding" that family is supposed to be supportive and nurturing, is not everyone's experience.
It certainly wasn't mine.
I learned, early on, that some people have no business being parents, and others are incapable of behaving as siblings.
In my estimation, family are the people who know you best, love you anyway, and will always have your back. That has fuckall to do with who you share DNA with.

@KKGator true ,I glad I got one brother,& I been betrayed by most people, but not everyone had, but I just see no relevant place for me in old friends lives,they had their own paths and have families,am happy for them . I just wish I to find a woman to share life with now


You were in Dire Straights? I loved Sultans Of Swing. Sorry it's been a hard life.


You can't control other people or the circumstances you're put into as a child. If you wish to cast blame go for it but ask yourself if it's helpful for you or not to do so. All we have control over is ourselves.

I know I keep trying to reconcile my personal responsibility of calming down about what had happened,while trying to make sure something like these horrible things can't happen again,even though I really don't see how I can stop it with anything I do ,which is frustrating .. and I think that's prevents me from calming down.. all the people in society really stabbed a lot of people ib the bàck..

And it's hard to tell if it's going to happen again

@laidback1 yeah. I wish I had the answers but I don't. All I can say is it's best to look inward rather than outward. At least that way you have control over yourself and that's really all you can control. Assholes and shit are everywhere. Best we can do is avoid being shit on or stepping in it best we can.


It's about the personality, not being your own blood. I know people that get along better with stepsons/stepsisters/stepparents than with their own blood family. When personalities clash...

I don't see it as personality clash but as "story between people".
In my case, my mother made possible for my sister and I to be always away from e/o; she believed comparing our behaviors would make us better people.
My sister lives 20 mins. from my home and the last time I spoke to her was 35 years ago.

@duchessa1, you might be right. However, it's just the way things happen sometimes, in this case, the brother would be someone that could be relied on, in some other cases, it's people who aren't related. Each case is unique.

@Paddypereira That's the reason of my answer: Each case is unique.


I said for many years that I had a half sister. Kim and I were not super close in our thinking. In some ways we were close though. Now that she is dead I keep wondering what part of her was half. Maybe all of her was my sister. I should have went with this last idea all along.

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