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Whales off California coast eat 10 million pieces of tiny plastic pollution a day, new Stanford study estimates
Confetti-like bits of plastic are increasingly becoming a pollution problem in the world’s oceans - []california-coast-eat-10-million-pieces-of-tiny-plastic-pollution-a-day-new-stanford-study-estimates/?utm_email=B4F2E59235F974B1144E647446&g2i_eui=H%2ftQ9LxoW1aFRzj%2fFd9UDJX5T43Lr3L5&g2i_source=newsletter&lctg=B4F2E59235F974B1144E647446&active=no&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&

BDair 8 Nov 2

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Yep, we are pretty much fucked. The oceans will die, then humans will follow.

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