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public service announcement to veterans of all branches of the armed forces. If you need to go to the er, and you are enrolled, within 72 hours after you go in, call 1-844-724-7842 to report the er or acute care civilian facility where you sought care. Do not call before you go as there is not enough information, always call after, do not go to urgent care facilities as these are not in network. Do not get on and ramble off your name and last four of your ssi #. Let the customer service rep ask the questions and he/she will get get all the information from you as they fill out their screens in order. I work this dept. And one thing is glaringly obvious, most vets do not know about the 72 hour notification hotline. 1. Call within 72 hrs after you are seen in er or acute care
2. This is for civililian facilities only
3. Va facilities do their own reporting
4. Let the csr lead the converstation,
5. The customer service reps do not have time for your life story
6. Make sure you know the name of the facility and its address when you call
7. Know what time you went in and what time zone that facility is in
8. It does not matter if you are out of state when you need the er
9. We are not the dept. To call for preauthorizations
10. Make sure you know what was wrong with you, ask the doctor for diagnosis codes if possible
11. Some facilities are really good and report for you, others never do,
12. It is a good idea to call and make sure the notification is put in so it gets paid. I am posting this because the va has not done a very good job of letting vets know. My boss is a christian, great boss, does not know i am an atheist and i feel it is wise to keep it that way.

misstuffy 7 Nov 3

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Thank you. I put that number in their contact info. I think you're right about not mentioning your religious beliefs as that opens him to talking about his. It's wrong in both cases.


Thank you for the info. Good to know. What happens if you are not in a condition to do those things in the 72 hour window?

That is something the va needs to address as I get calls from vets all the time outside of 72 hrs, those end up being sent to Tampa for review, go online to community cares at and contact them as they are your advocates. Also still call and get that notification ion, many hospitals do this for you but not all!

@misstuffy Thank you.


Thanks for this information.

you are welcome

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