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People like Mastriano (who was probably raised a Catholic) and the new "Christians" and their ilk justify their stance on abortion and birth control by biblical scriptures, as if the Constitution had no bearing on our laws, but the Bible has no place in our democracy, at least it didn't use to. Therefore those standard arguments don't apply. These people are not governed by secular laws. They think we live in a theocracy. they run their lives by the Old Testament, which isn't even Christian, although that's what they call themselves. By their standard, Joseph would have probably killed his wife when he found out she was pregnant! This country has lost it's way, not to mention its system of public education, as if we were taught by rabbis and theologians.

fishline79 7 Nov 8

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Having abandoned decorum and honor, the GQP is in a no-holds-barred war against the rest of us. They want theocracy, not because they believe it, but because it's an effective way to control people.

And they won't stop until they get it or the public declares them effectively dead. The latter isn't happening.

@rainmanjr That's it. They are and remain an active, highly motivated threat to American values. And because of the remaining decorum respecting religious content, their desire for theocracy doesn't get called out nearly as much as it should. But, that is where many of the social issues come from: abortion, gay marriage, contraception, inter-racial marriage, separation of church & state, CRT, book-burning, trans objections... it's a long, sickening list.

@racocn8 Yes it is.

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