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Now that Trump has announce a thrid run for the presidency of the U.S., probably so when criminal charges are filed against him he will claim they are politically motivated, the republican party will likely be pretty chaotic in the next few years.

First, it is questionable that Trump will win the republican nomination. In 2020, it became apparent that Trump lost the support of independent voters, which caused him to lose that election. His false claims of election fraud and the Jan. 6th insurrection, cause him to lose some moderate republicans as well, which is why the candidates he endorsed in most cases lost in the 2022 midterms.

As I see it, if Trump doesn't win the nomination, there are two possibilities. He will either run as an independent, or he will create a new political party and run on that. As he created his own social network company when Twitter banned him, I would say it is pretty likely he would form his own party, except by the time the republicans nominate their candidate, there would not be enough time to form a new party. There is a slight chance he may form his own party before the primary elections, or that he may try, but he just isn't all that competent, and the people left supporting him are not either.

So, let's say he runs as an independent. There may be just enough time to get him on the ballots, if he plans ahead.

Either way, if he runs as an independent, or with his own political party, it would split the (current) republican vote, and Biden would win, because he'd have a majority under the electoral college system.

In any case, Trump announcing his candidacy will make the next two years a real shit show for republicans, as he will divide the party and there will be so much infighting within the party, that many republican voters will get fed up and just not vote.

Even though I am registered as a democrat, I am not all that happy about what i see coming for the republicans, as it will very likely slow the government down and very little will actually get done or accomplished.

To me, politics isn't so much about winning, as it is about moving forward and making progress to solve societal problems. From that perspective, Trump has been, is and will be a disaster.

snytiger6 9 Nov 16

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I'm rather conflicted on the wisdom of arresting him, now, as he will be the easier candidate for Dems to beat. (shrug). We win either way but the nation loses if he's not in jail. Since I no longer really care about this nation's health, as it's a POS (when you look at it), having him run is probably best.


Trump is poison. His racism stimulates others to act on their racist values. The backlash against that racism is a good thing, but the killing needed to get there is ugly. That Trump can try to come back after staging an insurrection, and seeking to subvert the '20 election in every way possible is an indictment of the country and the system the citizens are supposed to revere.

Essentially every branch and bureau has become corrupted, and the reality is that the Democrats are NOT up to the task of addressing this sabotage. Many fine people, on both sides? Spare me.

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