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The other day I received a link to this blog post: []
and was confused by it, to put it mildly. I've read a bit about Stoicism, and I find the post disturbing. I'm not a philosopher, but I do know that people who live according to the Stoic values can and are Atheists and those suffering from Agoraphobia (for the therapeutic value of some Stoic exercises_.
What do you think?

Oh, and there's another post against Sam Harris: [] (In"Philosophy Comedy.) Even if it was written with a grain of salt, I find quite a few mistakes in the author's representation of Sam Harris. I'm not one to put anybody on the pedestal, only people I have personal interactions with. I find the piece derogatory, not funny.

Anybody care to weigh in?

PGently74 4 Apr 29

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I agree with your comments and disagree with the author/s of the linked articles. I don't agree with what is written about atheism by the person writing about stoicism...Young and impressionable atheists unfortunately fall for secular idols and cults of personality.... So how does stoicism vary from atheism in this regard?
So where does that leave older people like myself that have made a decision about their atheism after years of exploring numerous belief systems?

RonB Level 5 Apr 30, 2018

>Implying that a blog post has intellectual or educational relevance


It talks about athiesm more than stoicism. It took quite a lot of reading before I got to the part talking about stoicism. I guess I agree with it somewhat.


Sounds like atheism just with religious brainwashing. I'd rather just have atheism. No need for a lifestyle or whatever.

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