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It's Sunday morning and I was just watching Washington Journal on C-Span. Topic of the day is the open border issue. I was literally dancing in the middle of the den because 95% of the callers are screaming to close the borders! People are starting to wake up and see It's going to be too late if we don't do something soon. And yes, there were plenty of people calling in on the Democrat line saying the same thing. Biden has put this country on the rails to self destruction on the Bullet train. My favorite was the (another self-righteous, morally superior liberal) lady that took inter her home a couple with one child and gave them everything. Food, clothes, television with internet, etc. Six months later, with all the Help Wanted signs on every store in town, and the local newspaper want-add section overflowing, neither adult had a job. She sent them on their way and gave the apartment over the garage back to her elderly mother. Yeah, she kicked her own mother out to do this.
Get a clue, people! We can't take any more of this. 😐

I'm done ranting for today.
Well, okay, one more thing. 😁

As usual, those of you out there on my 'ignore' list, I see your names in front of a reply, and so you know, I really DON"T read them. You're just wasting your, and frankly everyone else's time. Seeing you there just strengthens my position that you can't mentally process obvious facts when put directly in front of you and so why waste my time. Seriously... get a clue!

Now, I hope everyone has an awesome day.
Cheers 😊

Captain_Feelgood 8 Nov 27

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The Democrat line?? Isn't Bullet Train a movie? BTW, I think everyone should have a job but I'm afraid we are going to have to build a dome over America to protect our border. Soon they will be parachuting in. Who protected our border in the days before Trump?

Biden sent the illegals an invitation when he was running for office and said he was going to stop construction of the border wall immediately. Apparently they got the message as illegal immigration is at 40 year highs.


So how many people trying to cross the border are from countries the US devastated playing Cold War realpolitik? Typically we as a country have no sense of responsibility, we just stick our noses in to thwart the Soviets like the resident bull in a china shop.

And the hope to be exiles from Venezuela that could potentially align politically with the GQP are cynically used by authoritarian governors as pawns in a ridiculous culture war.

All I see represented here is typical monomanic trigger the libs nonsense…again.


Unfortunately the only reason the border remains open is because Biden and the Democraps want it that way. They want the Hispanic’s who come over because they tend to vote for them and they want to flip Texas blue. Hell they’ve already flipped Arizona blue.

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