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I finally found Jesus yesterday!!!! Turns out he’s a pretty fair Euchre player!?!! ☺️

Buck 7 Dec 3

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Look in the prisons. I hear lots of people find him there. Mexican ones first


Reminded me of this lol


Does he need a partner?

JGal Level 7 Dec 4, 2022

Hellooooo, I was his partner!! But he didn’t need any help from me!!!
I should have figured a guy that can turn water into wine, and walk on water, would be awesome at Euchre!?!!😎

Aaron is my middle name. I prefer it over my first name which is Buck.

@Buck once again it's luck of the draw.

Not so much with euchre. Your skill level can overcome crappy cards in Euchre. One of the things about the game that I like.☺️

Of course who needs good cards when Jesus is your partner!?! That guy can perform effin miracles!!?! 🤗

@Buck i hate it when my bot partner gets us euchered.

@JGal Yeah, some of the bots really suck depending on the app….👀

The bots on trickster are actually better than about 80% of the humans on there. The bots at least will draw the trump when you call it, which is more than I can say for the majority of the human players on there….👀

Jesus is a pretty awesome partner! He kept turning my water in beer all night!!?! ☺️

Not really, I don’t drink….🤠
But he could have turned my water into beer 🍺 f he wanted to….🤠


When others ask me if I've found Jesus I like to answer that I never knew he was lost.



You’re at level 7, so I will assume you’re capable of looking it up for yourself!!☺️
If you want to learn how so we can play sometime, there’s apps that you play with bots until you learn the game.🤠

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