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Positive News

What went right this week (as of 01 Dec. 2022):

  1. More cultural treasures got Unesco status
    Hungarian folk music, the French baguette and Cuba’s rum knowledge are among the treasures of humanity added to Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage list this week.

  2. Alzheimer’s research had a breakthrough
    The hitherto futile search for an Alzheimer’s cure took a major step forward this week, after a new drug was found to slow the disease. “This is truly a historic moment for dementia research,” said Dr Susan Kohlhaas, director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

  3. Europe unveiled plans to cut plastic pollution
    Mandatory return schemes for plastic bottles look set to be rolled out in the EU as part of the European Commission’s circular economy proposals, published this week.

  4. The Fifa World Cup may be mired in controversy, but there has been some progress worth celebrating: for the first time in the men’s tournament, a female referee officiated a game. Blowing the whistle on Thursday night’s clash between Germany and Costa Rica was Stéphanie Frappart, who led an all-female refereeing team.

  5. The US Senate passed same-sex marriage bill
    A bipartisan bill that protects same-sex marriage has been passed by the US Senate. It follows concerns that the 2015 decision to legalise gay marriage could be overturned by conservative justices on the supreme court.

  6. Veggies lower the risk of bowel cancer in men – study
    A diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains can reduce the risk of men developing bowel cancer by a fifth, a study suggested this week.

  7. The ‘world’s tallest’ wooden hotel opened
    It’s versatile, carbon-capturing and apparently makes us feel better when we’re surrounded by it. No wonder timber buildings are catching on.

  8. ‘Solar punks’ had a bright idea in London
    Two artists in London are finding ingenious ways to fund a project that puts power in the hands of people.

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