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Today was the earliest setting of the sun. (from now on the sunset will be later and later, although the daily difference will be very slight for the next fortnight or so.)
Tonight marks the start of the Yuletide season. So:-
I wish you a good Yule, with much revelry and feasting, Viking style.

Those Vikings certainly knew how to handle wintery weather. Gather in a large, wooden hall (wood is an excellent heat insulator) with a huge central fire-place and then use the fire to roast joints of meat, washed down with beer and mead.

Petter 9 Dec 8

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Huh! I never knew how to tell when the "yule tide" begins. Good to know!

We had our earliest sunset of the year last week in my corner of the world. Tonight sunset will be at 5:52pm and the sun will continue to come up later and later for a while yet too, tomorrow's sunrise will be 7:03am.

Glad I live in a climate where I can gather outdoors in the open air, around a firepit or at the beach for merriment under the stars and still roast something over a fire and drink beer or mead. It just might be veggie hotdogs or shrimp and s'mores, but that's a modern regional tribute to Viking style Yule for my group.

Good Yule to you -- or I've heard it said God Jul also, which is my nickname, well not the God part, except in my own mind, haha! 😉

God Jul to you. (God being Norse for good, of course.)


My kid has moved to the Netherlands, she is about 700 miles north of where she used to live. She says she really notices it.


Sounds good, but with Covid and Flu ramping up locally, I think I’ll just stay home and finish packing to move by January 4th. Good Yule to you!

I agree with you - I see some parties are happening around me in the next few weeks - but I'm good just keeping to myself this year. I spent Thanksgiving week with family who were all super sick with flu, yet I remained unsymptomatic and feeling good, perhaps because I was vaxxed for flu and they were not, but happy not to risk my luck too much. I like to think of the calories and stress I'm escaping by staying in on my own. 😉

I'm choosy about where I'll go. I did attend a holiday party last night, but it was in an open air setting and nobody thought ill of me for sitting with 6 feet distance across the table rounds for the meal portion and also dancing with lots of space around me.

Indoor settings, for concerts, etc? No thank you. Luckily I can view them online as they are happening, so I feel I'm there in a way, but dressed comfortably and dancing in my apartment with nobody watching. 😉

Hope your move goes well!

@Julie808 This move is just temporary, until I make a decision about my next adventure.

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