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New Group Requested - SINGLES GROUP
Requested by New Members to Meet our Singles

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 30

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We have 49 Single Members so far. Check us out.


Point me to it, and I am yours.


Great idea.

Please join us at SINGLES GROUP


Yes pls. That's the reason I came here.

Please join us

@sassygirl3869 i will! I can't find it.


all you have to do is form a group

Hope you're joining.


Well, I was doinig fine until it was stated that "if you are available to date, there is a heart next to your name...mine must have gotten wiped off with dusting the screen...100% for singles group.

Please join

@sassygirl3869 JUST DID YAY FOR ME


Please join.


You don’t like the idea?

@BlueWave Great as being AWESOME!...LOL. im all about people meeting people and enjoying the talk and getting excited... i would play Journey in the background.

@BucketlistBob LOL! (Really.) "Don't Stop Believin'?"


I would give it a shot.

Please join


What's stopping them right now? We have the little hearts next to the name of everyone who's here for dating.. and says so in their profile. It's the very first question in the profile... "Are you interested in meeting Agnostic members for dating?" Anyone that answers "Yes" is therefore part of the "singles group" aren't they? It asks a lot of questions about preferences that are only relevant for dating, but some people skipped many of the questions. We just don't yet have the site to the needed critical mass of single humans... but it seems to be growing quickly. Dating sites rarely work well in rural areas due to distances and lack of suitable matches within that area. That can't be fixed.


Good idea (plus I get double points)

Please join Jack.

@sassygirl3869 I definitely will if it starts.

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