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Driving is a right a car is property , there's no reason for a license or registration nor taxes... This all goes against the 4th ,which congress I guess had made up an exemption to an amendment that was ratified after all out war ..

So .. these traitors are already dead but their impact on law has not been rectified..

This was an usurpation of our law.. it cannot stand ..

It stands with ignorance..

We can have safer roads with safer drivers without licenses... We have the ability to learn .. without a dictator telling us how to think..

Signs at safe locations to be seen as driver reminders.. like when stopped at red ,there could be the signs or when the road slows down ..have more round abouts , families start letting kids drive with them younger & more often on private roads...

Motor vehicle exemption of the 4th repealed & given abolishment

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laidback1 6 Dec 22

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I believe in the whole of the people being good ,yes there are bad people on the fringes of society that more education would solve ..

& it appears most in the government at times seems to be a fringe, from an abnormality of poor education,& or deliberate manipulation from factions with agendas that have a lot of control .

I know the whole of the people are good & need to take leadership of government business & only allow the government to be administrators as it was written..

We the people...

It's basically anarchy,which means no rulers.. the whole of the people lead .. government officials only can administrate the leadership of the people..

Connecticut had not enough detour signs to not get lost .. why that happen? Because like many states we have ineptitude from a lack of education..

But the whole of the people is good!

A lady helped me out ! Why ?? Because the whole of people are good!!!!


TL;DR version "I'm a libertarian extremist who doesn't understand how things work, here's proof".

1of5 Level 8 Dec 22, 2022

Yet the airplane was invented before driver's licenses.. okay then .. dumb dumb


Some people [@laidback1] are so stupid they can't even use a Google search bar...

"1899, Chicago and New York Lead the Way
In 1899, Chicago and New York were the first places to have some form of registration involved with operating an automobile."


"Who Invented the Aeroplane? When you think of the first airplane, who do you think about? Most people think about Orville and Wilbur Wright. And, December 17, 1903 is the day to remember."


@laidback1 way to prove my point. at least you appear consistent

@1of5 it wasn't the entire nation,it was states, States that had been infiltrated by traitors to the people a few years before the airplane was invented...

Then eugenicists the traitors of all of human kind and not just this nation got deeper embedded in ..

Then there's Jeffrey Epstein.. & that says ut all really..

Belonged to intelligence.. no clients held .. just black mail is allowed to rule and the rulers are eugenicists.. raping children all day everyday and so many ignored it & pretend everything is okay

@laidback1 you should seek the aid of a licensed, competent, mental health professional.

The sooner the better.

@1of5 yeah whatever helps you sleep at night .. it's people like you who are allowing them to hurt children... You're a disgusting person..


The Supreme Court settled this very issue some years back. No, driving a car isn't a right. No need to vote, you're simply wrong.

He's not only wrong, he continually posts about his obsession with driver licenses..., which seems to border on paranoia....Read the room, give it a rest...

Airplanes were invented before driver's licenses

And fuck the supreme court of clown eugenic freaks

Think you're so fucking smart ,how the fuck you explain airplane being driven by people who had no fucking concept of a driver's license
. Fucking hate you tyrant lovers ,you make me sick

@TomMcGiverin 9 fucking months I had to wait to get a license because of the pandemic because of assholes like you who fucking scared of everything and make people suffer for your fucking paranoid delusions!!!!

@laidback1 Fuck you asshole! I am grateful that our govt. didn't follow the delusions of assholes like you, who only care about yourself, and contribute to another couple million deaths by letting Covid run completely wild before the vaccines came out, vaccines that I'm sure you are too stupid and crazy to use.

@laidback1 Bro, you're fuckin' 45. How did the pandemic make you wait 9 months to get a license? You should have already had one in good standing for the last 29 years.

@TheInterlooper Yeah, I've heard people claim they can drive without license and registration. I've seen no evidence of this happening in practice. Do you have any evidence those methods actually work? I tried Googling for it, but couldn't find any evidence it works.

Also, from your source:
"though this right may be regulated in accordance with the public interest".

I didn't mention a SCOTUS case.

@ChestRockfield only police and judges who respect the law allow people to drive without a license & registration
. Education is important...& The law being corrupt still with inacted legislation that wasn't repealed after the supreme court case doesn't help ..

@ChestRockfield people are dropping dead from the shot,comedian cracked her skull. FDA personel argued that statistics were the vaccine saved one life for every two taken,children are dead from.the vaccine,parents grieve as you make fun of them ...

Millions starved to death from the pandemic.. I never wanted a driver's license.. because driving is a right! So I waited as long as I could go !!! Because of principal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I even tried just having a side by side,with snow tracks .. I tried not to get into playing your stupid fucking games and go my own way ,but then had to leave Maine... So .. I had no choice left but to get a driver's license, because my father is like you & he wouldn't help me..

You're so uneducated that it's like I just realize that I shouldn't be so pissed at you ... It's just how you were taught

You're brainwashed like a Charles Manson follower..

  1. How the fuck do you think road creation and maintenance is funded?
  2. Insurance would be unobtainable. No one would insure people who would be driving on roads with a bunch of unlicensed people who have vehicular homicide machines devoid of any identification who would be free to hit and run any car on the road any time they wanted. Some people already do that, and it costs everyone extra for uninsured motorists coverage, and a lot of them even get caught. (The lady that hit and ran me got caught cause I got her plate. If she didn't, I never would have been able to identify her to the police. Even so, I still had to claim it on my own insurance and pay the premium and the deductible because she had no insurance and no money to recover.)
  3. Do you also think using a scalpel or a drill is a right? Should we not be licensing doctors or dentists? How about CDLs? Should everyone be allowed to hop in triple trailer semis and get on the road and fuck everything up? Maybe planes, too? Why do I need a pilot's license, and why can't I fly unlicensed in whatever air space I want?
  4. What in the fuck does the 4th Amendment have to do with any of this unless you're talking about ONLY driving your car on your own property?

I don't know why I even responded to this. This is about the dumbest fuckin' thing I've read on Agnostic, save for every single post in the Conservative Atheists group. Wouldn't be surprised if you were one of them.

I believe in people being responsible... You believe in privilege..

And never said to abolish insurance.. people are to take responsibility.. that lady that hit you ,should of been fined and she should of paid for it .. she broke the law
. An actual fucking law that makes actual fucking sense

Read the 4th the only reasonable search is if a crime was witnessed by authority or one was convicted of a crime .. you want everyone treated like they are criminals...fuck uou

@laidback1 I didn't say to abolish insurance, I said insurance would be unobtainable. As in, it would be so incredibly expensive to insure a vehicle with a ton of unlicensed, uninsured motorists in the road that no one could afford to do it. Every single trip out of your house could be the Russian Roulette trigger that results in you being destitute.
And of course that lady should have gotten fined, and of course she should have paid for everything. But she had NO MONEY. The insurance company was literally unable to recover funds from her. She was completely broke and had no income to to garnish. You really don't see the flaw in your little plan??

@ChestRockfield was she not licenced? She was and your insurance still went up ? Right? Cause she couldn't afford insurance. How is insurance not obtainable without a license? I had a side by side,off road vehicle insured as I hadn't had a licence, because don't need one in Maine anyways,so your premise of unobtainable makes no sense.

insurance go down

if a strategic plan was introduced even as things are now ,but insurance companies wouldn't want to do it , because they'd lose profits

Could be an investment,if you don't get into an accident you get back all your money.. but of course pay for another year to a decade in advanced,and get paid back yearly or whatever..& as far as those who can't pay ,could have a fund & then educate them to earn money to pay back everything.

Or we could just bully and punish everyone..and get no where..

@laidback1 I don't know if she was licensed, but her car was registered which you don't believe in. And I didn't say insurance wasn't obtainable without a license, I'm saying that if anyone could drive anything with no restrictions on licensing (which in theory certifies that a motorist knows the rules of the road and can execute them), or registration (to verify that their car is safe to operate on public roadways and is traceable for situations like I was in), insurance companies would no longer offer insurance to people at a rate that would be affordable. Yes, basically, insurance companies wouldn't be able to make money on auto insurance, so they'd no longer offer it.

Your plan makes no sense. Just a throwaway at the end you say we'll just educate people so they can get jobs and afford to be financially responsible for a car and any potential damages? You're just going to end poverty and hunger (cause let's face it, if someone is still starving, they're not worrying about their car insurance) by educating everyone so they can get jobs? Even the elderly, like the lady that hit me? Seriously, you have not thought anything through. Your ideas are the most juvenile nonsense I've ever heard from an adult. You are screaming into the void. There is way less than one percent of people that would ever support anything you're suggesting; stop wasting your breath.

@ChestRockfield your false sense of security is obviously flawed, people drive around with fake plates or stolen or old plates..

Wtf of course you can educate people to make money ...

You make no sense.. insurance could be a public utility.. non for profit ,and it could have the structure I put forth...

& As people are educated,which you don't seem to of gotten enough of an education to comprehend that more educated the better ..

People are or ought to be educated enough to have Cars maintained ,as are 25 year old cars that no longer need

You're just not educated


@laidback1, an idealist denied will probably become a tyrant.

Obviously that's why we have driver's licenses.. people love tyrants that make them feel safe even if they're not


The operation of a motor vehicle on public roadways is never a right. It is always a privilege. The issuing of licenses by governing agencies is the manifestation of that privilege. Not understanding this basic concept is what leads to the thought that "driving is a right". Sure, on your own private property, as the owner of said property, you can set any (or lack of any) regulations regarding driving. However, in the public domain, it is the responsibility of "the government" to regulate driving privileges.

In regards to the 4th amendment, and the argument that the 4th amendment somehow effects the validity of the concept of licensing; this is a misunderstanding of what the 4th amendment states. The 4th amendment protects against undue search and seizure. The argument for traffic stops is where people who are arguing against licensing try to shoehorn their concept for legality of licensing. SCOTUS has repeatedly found that the conducting of a "traffic stop" is the correct application of the seizure of the vehicle according to the 4th amendment, so long as the stop is initiated with probable cause of a crime.

The airplane was invented before driver's licenses.. fucking retards


Some people [@laidback1] are so stupid they can't even use a Google search bar...

"1899, Chicago and New York Lead the Way
In 1899, Chicago and New York were the first places to have some form of registration involved with operating an automobile."


"Who Invented the Aeroplane? When you think of the first airplane, who do you think about? Most people think about Orville and Wilbur Wright. And, December 17, 1903 is the day to remember."



I've honestly seen way to many deaths in those speedy metal boxes lately. I'm for putting it all into public transportation so everyone doesn't need to buy and keep a 2 ton piece of machinery to get to work and not be homeless.

MsAl Level 8 Dec 22, 2022

The accidents are caused by people thinking they know how to drive because they got licensed ,instead of treating it like a responsibility,you treat like a privilege

@laidback1 I do have mixed feelings about licensing and insurance
I spent time in Guatemala with very little road rules and it was absolutely not better at all.
How do you propose we get everyone to know the rules so we all stop and go without crashing?
And what about people who are clearly not capable of doing anymore but keep doing it because the alternative is to rot in a room alone or beg for rides.
Not everyone is a self richeous personal responsibility stan...
What happens when someone lazy or drunk decides there 9 year old is responsible enough to make runs into town? This would happen.
Add capitalism and financial desperation and it becomes a regular thing because people make dangerous choices due to lack of social safety nets.

@laidback1 what do you propose we do about those who are blatantly irresponsible?

@MsAl really the best way to solve all problems is education.. people learn from one another pretty easily when it's the right learning environment.. you can watch one drive & see they stop when there's a red light and paying more attention to watching one drive you notice there is right on red if there's no one coming.. & could conversate about it easily.. I don't see how this ,as it was not in the past with horse and carriage a place for government..the bad people you mention will be bad until educated , it still be against the law to have a 9yo drive to buy beer ...

As far as capitalism goes , it's gotten out of hand ,yes ,and it needs a serious restructuring that may even change it's name..

Maybe more education would solve it ,but I do believe not that many people want to be CEO and owners,but maybe there is more & just haven't had the funds to get the education..

I just want to create personally and enjoy life to it's fullest.. machines are already taking over,this is different than the refrigerator being invented & all the ice cutters lost jobs .. this is nearly all jobs.. so yeah , something gotta give

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